Meaning of DIDOT FAMILY in English


Family of French printers, publishers, and typefounders.

The family had a profound influence on the history of typography. François Didot (1689–1759) went into business as a printer and bookseller in Paris in 1713. Three successive generations kept the firm flourishing into the 19th century. Under François's elder son, François-Ambroise (1730–1804), the Didot point system of 72 points to the French inch became the standard unit of type measurement, as it remains today. François-Ambroise changed the standard of type design by increasing the contrast between thick and thin letters. His sons Pierre (1761–1853) and Firmin (1764–1836) took charge of the printing and typefounding, respectively. Pierre published acclaimed editions of French and Latin classics, and Firmin designed the Didot typeface. François's younger son, Pierre-François (1731–1793), and the latter's two sons were also active in the business, as were Firmin's three sons.

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