Meaning of SCHALL VON BELL, ADAM in English

born May 1, 1591, Cologne died Aug. 15, 1666, Peking Chinese name T'ang Jo-wang Jesuit missionary and astronomer who became an important adviser to the first emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty (16441911/12). Schall arrived in China in 1622, having been trained in Rome in the astronomical system of Galileo. He soon impressed the Chinese with the superiority of Western astronomy and was given an important official post translating Western astronomical books and reforming the old Chinese calendar. When the Ming dynasty (13681644) fell and the Manchu forces of Manchuria established the Ch'ing dynasty, Schall was appointed head of the Imperial Board of Astronomy. After curing the Empress Dowager of a strange illness, Schall became the trusted adviser of the young emperor Shun-chih (reigned 164461), who called Schall mafa (grandfather). The Emperor permitted Schall to build a church in Peking in 1650 and several times attended services himself. In 1664, three years after Emperor Shun-chih's early death, an anti-Christian official, aided by disgruntled Chinese astronomers, charged Schall with plotting against the state, citing Jesuit writings that depicted the Chinese as minor descendants of the ancient Hebrews. Schall was also accused of having cast a spell that caused the premature death of the Emperor Shun-chih. At his trial, Schall, having suffered a stroke, was unable to speak. He was defended by his newly arrived young assistant, Ferdinand Verbiest (162388), whose Chinese was inadequate for the occasion. Schall and several of his Chinese Christian colleagues were sentenced to death by dismemberment. But the following day an earthquake occurred; as a result of this inauspicious sign, the sentences were commuted, although five Chinese Christian astronomers were executed. Two years after his death, Schall was vindicated of all charges.

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