Meaning of AGREEMENT in English

[noun]The whole family was in agreement (with Uncle Fred) (= had the same opinion) about/on what we should do. [U]If the three parties cannot reach agreement (= the same opinion) now, there will be a civil war. [U]I don't think you'll ever get Tony's agreement to (= acceptance of) these proposals. [U]The two sides have reached an agreement to divide the money into two equal parts. [C + to infinitive]An agreement is also a decision or arrangement, often formal and written, between two or more groups or people.The dispute was settled by an agreement that satisfied both sides. [C]The government has entered into/signed an international arms-control agreement. [C]If you make an agreement with someone, you should keep it.They have broken (the terms of) the agreement on human rights. [C](specialized) In the sentence 'Kate was brushing her hair', 'Kate' and 'her' are in agreement (= they are grammatically related). [U]There's widespread agreement that this particular law should be changed. [U + that clause]

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