Meaning of AGREEMENT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ əgri:mənt ]

( agreements)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


An agreement is a formal decision about future action which is made by two or more countries, groups, or people.

It looks as though a compromise agreement has now been reached...

The two countries signed an agreement to jointly launch satellites.

N-COUNT : oft N to-inf , N prep


Agreement on something is a joint decision that a particular course of action should be taken.

The two men had not reached agreement on any issues...

≠ disagreement

N-UNCOUNT : oft N on n


Agreement with someone means having the same opinion as they have.

The judge kept nodding in agreement...

≠ disagreement


If you are in agreement with someone, you have the same opinion as they have.

Not all scholars are in agreement with her, however...

PHRASE : usu v-link PHR , v PHR , oft PHR with n


Agreement to a course of action means allowing it to happen or giving it your approval.

The clinic doctor will then write to your GP to get his agreement.

= consent


If you are in agreement with a plan or proposal, you approve of it.

The president was in full agreement with the proposal.

PHRASE : v-link PHR , usu PHR with n


If there is agreement between two accounts of an event or two sets of figures, they are the same or are consistent with each other.

Many other surveys have produced results essentially in agreement with these figures.

= concurrence



In grammar, agreement refers to the way that a word has a form appropriate to the number or gender of the noun or pronoun it relates to.

= concord


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