Meaning of AGREEMENT in English



a compromise solution/agreement

The president was under increasing pressure to reach a compromise solution with his political opponents.

a credit agreement (= an arrangement to allow or receive credit )

People sometimes sign credit agreements and then realize they can’t afford the payments.

a disarmament treaty/agreement

There will be US-Russian talks on a new disarmament treaty.

a lease agreement

The organization has signed a lease agreement on a 50-acre site.

a loan agreement (= that says how much the loan will be, how much you will pay back each month etc )

Read the terms of your loan agreement carefully.

a peace treaty/agreement/accord

The formal signing of the peace agreement took place in Lisbon on May 31.

a trade agreement

On April 3 a new trade agreement between Romania and the USA was signed.

amicable settlement/agreement

The two parties have reached an amicable settlement.

bilateral relations/trade/agreements/negotiations etc

bilateral negotiations between Israel and Syria

break an agreement

This action broke the international agreement of 1925.

draw up a contract/agreement

Some people draw up a contract when they get married.

enforce an agreement

The president called for UN action to enforce the agreement.

express agreement/consent/authority etc

He is not to leave without my express permission.

formal agreement

a formal agreement between the countries

franchise agreement

a franchise agreement

gentleman's agreement

murmur of agreement/surprise/regret etc (= one that expresses a particular feeling )

There was a murmur of agreement from the crowd.

negotiate an agreement/contract etc

Union leaders have negotiated an agreement for a shorter working week.

nod your approval/agreement etc (= show your approval etc by nodding )

Corbett nodded his acceptance.

non-aggression pact/treaty/agreement etc

The countries will come together next week to sign a new non-aggression treaty.

prenuptial agreement

prior agreement

We will not disclose this information without your prior agreement.

ratify a treaty/an agreement/a decision etc

We hope that the republics will be willing to ratify the treaty.

reach agreement/consensus (= agree about something )

The experts seem unable to reach consensus on this point.

reach an agreement/compromise/settlement (= decide on an arrangement that is acceptable to both groups )

Substantial progress was made toward reaching an agreement.

tacit agreement

a tacit agreement between the three big companies

tripartite agreement/talks etc

a tripartite agreement between France, Britain, and Germany

verbal agreement/instructions etc

written agreement/reply/statement/report etc

Please send a cheque with written confirmation of your booking.




Gradually the new global masterplan is falling into place: a series of massive bilateral trade agreements are being struck.

Further bilateral and multilateral agreements were also envisaged to ensure that each country's armed forces participated in joint anti-drug initiatives.

A few other countries have adhoc bilateral agreements with particular neighbours.

Trade in agricultural products would be covered by bilateral agreements .

A bilateral co-operation agreement , covering trade, education, cultural affairs and aviation was signed during the visit.


The Senate move was part of a broader bipartisan agreement on how the politically sensitive investigation will proceed.


Industrial disputes and negotiations, and union and collective agreements and recent redundancies.

The collective bargaining agreement between the educational employer and educational employees, if any, has expired. 5.

During 1989, the company decided to end its collective bargaining agreement with the chapels of the National Union of Journalists.

Tomorrow, talks are scheduled to begin on a new musicians contract to replace the collective bargaining agreement that expired Friday.

The vendor will be required to warrant that no trade unions have been recognised and that there are no collective agreements .

Fox was one of two player reps who voted against the collective bargaining agreement .

Between 1976 and 1987, there were seven collective agreements .

State laws, local board policies, and collective bargaining agreements set forth the specific reasons why teachers can be dismissed.


Two years later the moratorium was confirmed, although it has never become a formal agreement .

The meeting concluded without formal agreement .

However, the numerous formal international agreements on the laws of war actually say nothing directly on nuclear weapons.

Barneys says those stores marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship, a joint venture that only awaited a formal agreement .

The formal agreement between the two parties is based purely upon an agreed discount rate.

There was no formal written surrender agreement .

It was a formal agreement between himself and Richard, signed in their mingled blood on 29 November 1963.

More formal funding agreements are also required with local authorities and health authorities.


There is general agreement that copyright is a good idea.

Moreover, in many worldly situations there may not be general agreement about what is actually true and what is false.

However, it is possible to identify a few fairly distinct elements upon which there was general agreement .

There is a general agreement of how it came apart.

There was general agreement that the struggle began much earlier - in the schools - and that before O-level.

All but a few expressed general agreement with government actions.

There is general agreement about the principle of allowing some measure of independence to the province.

Here there is more general agreement .


Most existing international agreements depend on governments to enforce rules on companies.

All exotic animals, other than humans of course, are banned from this last wilderness by international agreement .

CE/E Review international reciprocity agreements against revised policy.

The Agency organized two international agreements , prepared since 1982 but signed in September 1986 as a result of the Chernobyl accident.

The theory and practice of international agreements , viewed in a game theory context; 2.

It broke the international agreement of 1925 and, in its 1937 constitution, made dejure claim over Northern Ireland.


And if no mutual agreement is found today, we must wait whatever time it takes to reach one.

Paul permits temporary abstinence also but only by mutual agreement .

The land claims commission has settled more than 11,000 cases by mutual agreement on compensation.

A contract can also be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties.

Whatever personal designs Robert the Bruce might have on the throne, he was unlikely to achieve them without some mutual agreement .

The rules of the game are seen as fixed at any point in time by mutual agreement and changeable through mutual agreement.

Changes to borders can come about only by mutual agreement and consent.


The limits are to be negotiated and the new agreement will take the form of a directive timed for 1987.

Maybe it was because the season began with players bitterly divided over a new collective bargaining agreement .

One reason to think it may is that the new agreements have turned national tariff-cutting programmes into international commitments.

By September, after meetings with the legate and King Louis, a new agreement had been reached at Nonancourt.

The new agreement with the Soviet Union is for one year, rather than five as in the past.

The fact that the government was willing to sign a new peace agreement was its concession.

Some employers reneged on agreements once the slump set in; a few new agreements were made.


In tacit agreement , they separated before reaching the farm.

The response - from tacit agreement to outrage - was enormous ....

It was better to say nothing and to convey, by the quality of her silence, a level of tacit agreement .

When as Chancellor he was preparing to enter in 1985, he said, tacit agreement had been reached with the Bundesbank.

Your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement .


These criteria must be included in the written agreement .

Your intruder alarm must not be altered or replaced without our prior written agreement . 6.

Their services were modest, and collective written agreements with employers remained exceptional.

The plan should form the basis of a written agreement with those having parental responsibility for the child.

When written agreement is received from the client fax the draft advertisement to the agency.

It is not essential to have a written agreement .

In such cases a written agreement can strengthen your case and perhaps save you some money.



Explain the reasons why partnership agreements often contain clauses relating to interest, bonuses, salaries and division of profits.

Such matters are almost incapable of being satisfactorily defined within the partnership agreement itself.

This chapter deals with more general aspects of partnership agreements .

Under our model contracting may cause difficulties with dispensing, deputising, partnership agreements , profitability, and investment in premises.

The partnership agreement should make it clear if this is not what is required.

The current partnership agreement between Susan and Bob has the advantage of being simple.

The partnership agreement should contain express mention of the following matters: 1.


S.-brokered peace agreement in Bosnia as 2. 9 million people prepare to vote in national elections scheduled Saturday.

Indeed, the Prime Minister sent a message of congratulation to President Christiani when the peace agreement was reached.

The fact that the government was willing to sign a new peace agreement was its concession.

It says devolution, the Good Friday peace agreement and globalisation have undermined the notion of Britishness.

The issue now is to ensure that the ceasefire turns into a lasting peace agreement .

It was hoped that the negotiations would produce a preliminary drafting of a conclusive peace agreement .

Will people be prosecuted when their co-operation is needed to implement an eventual peace agreement ?


For the same reason, some one hiring goods under a hire purchase agreement is also excluded.

As to negligence it was true that Moorgate Mercantile had been careless in failing to register their hire purchase agreement .

Discounts: Discounts are available based on volume orders or blanket purchase agreements .

It is normal practice for the definitive sale and purchase agreement to be drafted by the acquirer's solicitors.

Chapter 07 deals with sale and purchase agreements in detail.

Unravelling such arrangements can often be complicated, and would need to be provided for in the sale and purchase agreement .

That issue was referred by the sale and purchase agreement to a named firm of chartered accountants to determine as experts.

The heads of agreement can also be used to brief your lawyers prior to drafting the sale and purchase agreement.


The sale agreement should contain a detailed set of rules governing preparation and agreement of the completion accounts.

There are sales agreements in force, however.

One party may seek to reject a point in the sale agreement because it was not covered in the heads of terms.

The sale agreement itself can not be back-dated.

The rules in the sale agreement governing the completion accounts should cover the main areas listed below.

This did not apply to credit sale agreements for under £30.

This may be in addition to any de minimis provisions negotiated by the vendor in the sale agreement .

So, the agreement in Lee v. Butler can be described as a conditional sale agreement.


The first of these aid and trade agreements was signed in 1975 and has been renewed four times.

Buchanan successfully tapped the economic insecurity of blue-collar workers by slamming trade agreements embraced by most Republican leaders, including Dole.

On the contrary the markets have been hit by a wave of instability unparalleled since the 1995 Marrakesh trade agreements .

Emerson had written that the proposed trade agreement could help improve the border environment.

The agreements expired in 1992 and were not renewed, because they afforded the kind of protection banned under international trade agreements.

It is between good and bad trade agreements , and good and bad regulation.



Sanouko Kpodzro, it was announced that agreement had been reached on the composition of the new government.

At the end of their meeting it was announced that an agreement had been reached to restore full consular relations.

The Redmond, Wash.-based powerhouse yesterday announced an agreement to buy Aha!

The two companies have also announced an agreement to co-operate on local network management technologies.

Republican congressional leaders and Florida lawmakers announced an agreement Thursday to spend up to $ 300 million on Everglades restoration.

Microsoft and Intel yesterday announced a cross-licensing agreement aimed at making it easy to place voice and video calls on the Internet.

The Sprint venture expects to announce agreements with other manufacturers later this month.


Both sides claimed the other had broken a 1993 unwritten agreement to avoid targeting civilians.

It subsequently accused Hong Kong of breaking a 1982 agreement on immigration and said it would handle returns on a case-by-case basis.

It would clearly be wrong to restrict all imports from a country which broke one particular environmental agreement .

It was made clear that if Janet were to break this agreement the therapist would discontinue contact with her.

It broke the international agreement of 1925 and, in its 1937 constitution, made dejure claim over Northern Ireland.

Did it break the agreement of joint publication?

He broke agreements on a whim, relying on private bargains and connections.


Around 40 percent of the businesses in each host country have concluded co-operation agreements as a direct result of the event.

The meeting concluded without formal agreement .

States which did not consider a customs union to be necessary could conclude agreements with the customs union on a free-trade zone.


We have entered into agreements in good faith.

Some had entered into employment agreements after their first year in law school.

Similarly, business has to enter into agreements .

Companies could enter into long-term leasing agreements without having the commitment show up on their balance sheets.

The Post Office and its unions have entered into agreements which are designed to improve productivity.

The city needs to legally evict the owners before it can enter into another lease agreement .

It was illegal for him to enter into such an agreement .

In a leveraged lease transaction, a third-party lender enters into the agreement .


Delta is negotiating commercial agreements with big health care companies around the world who are seeking to bind haemoglobin into formulations.

Also, Mazanec said, the county should have negotiated an agreement preventing Allied from importing trash from other counties.

The institute has approached Fukuvi Chemicals to negotiate a marketing agreement to manufacture the product commercially.

I never negotiated a corporate prenuptial agreement and never received a golden handshake.

Its regional organizer has negotiated a company agreement with the Board, the main points of which are detailed above.

Cameron and the school district sit down with a neutral third person to negotiate an agreement that both sides find acceptable.

The California Department of Transportation negotiated franchise agreements with four private consortia to build toll highways.


Once he had learned that it was proving impossible he reluctantly nodded his agreement to a majority verdict.

Aimee nods agreement , gaily presenting me with options.

So she nodded in agreement , but he didn't release her wrist.

She nodded in agreement with whatever her uncle said.

Rose pursed her lips but nodded agreement .

The students nodded their silent agreement .

Ruth nodded her agreement and he put out his hand and pulled her to her feet.

I nodded in agreement , and I wondered aloud whether she did the same things with feelings.


The conference failed to reach agreement , however, on the unrestricted granting of asylum to refugees.

Barneys said the two parties could not reach agreement on financing, royalties, equity and trade name issues.

Discussion between football representatives and Brussels continued as all sides attempted to reach an agreement .

It was the desire of both the Congress and the administration to reach an agreement that would not be vetoed.

It is easier for two parties to reach agreement than for three.

He said he was not worried that the jury had failed to reach agreement after seven days.

But they failed to reach agreement , and the speaker, Ruslan Khasbulatov, said impeachment proceedings would go forward.

Critics and supporters alike acknowledge that it could take years to reach even a narrow agreement .


In 1995 Moscow signed a $ 800m agreement to build a nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

Decca gave in first, signing a royalty agreement in 1943.

They signed two agreements on improving economic co-operation and removing visa requirements for diplomats and businessmen.

Check this before signing an agreement .

Formal signing of the two agreements is expected to take place early this year.

His company has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with the telecommunications giant for a minimum of six years.

He had been forced to sign a co-operation agreement in order to obtain a passport, although he had never actually collaborated.


a binding contract/promise/agreement etc

An offer is something which is clearly intended if accepted to form a binding agreement.

But Equitable was set on the Halifax deal and has signed a binding contract for the first half of its proposals.

However, in many cases the parties may create a binding contract by agreement on the three matters already identified.

If they can come to a binding agreement, the prisoners will both profess their innocence and be sentenced to two years.

In general there was the invocation of one or more deities to bear witness that a binding contract was being undertaken.

It was held there that the parties had made a binding contract, albeit with the price still outstanding.

The successful bidder is under a binding contract to purchase the relevant property.

come to a decision/conclusion/agreement etc

Conclusion With so many unanswered questions, it is an unwise man who comes to a conclusion.

He has not yet come to a conclusion on that.

He paused at a street corner and tried to come to a decision.

In the restaurant he realized that he had come to a decision about things.

Léonie stared at the two shops and came to a decision.

She and o Pappous came to a decision.

The Post Office says it hopes the two sides can come to an agreement at a branch meeting this evening.

We had tea afterwards in a hotel in Berthing, but we failed to come to an agreement.

conclude an agreement/treaty/contract etc

As an alternative to this bloc policy Khrushchev offered to conclude treaties of non-aggression and friendship with the states concerned.

States which did not consider a customs union to be necessary could conclude agreements with the customs union on a free-trade zone.

enter into an agreement/contract etc

Brunell and the team will enter into contract negotiations next week.

David Holton and Hughes already have entered into an agreement with the local state attorney to settle criminal charges.

How different it might have been if Edelman had proposed that politicians enter into a Contract With Children.

It will be entering into contracts to both buy and sell specific currencies on or between specific dates.

Similarly, business has to enter into agreements.

Traders must consider domestic and foreign exchange control regulations when entering into contracts and seeking settlement.

We have entered into agreements in good faith.

honour a promise/contract/agreement etc

Moreover, Gosteleradio claimed that Interfax had never honoured an agreement to remit 50 percent of its earnings to Radio Moscow.

mutual agreement/consent

A contract can also be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties.

Any changes to these dates will be made by mutual agreement.

During the meal, as if by mutual consent, they talked of other things, but it was difficult.

Paul permits temporary abstinence also but only by mutual agreement.

The land claims commission has settled more than 11,000 cases by mutual agreement on compensation.

The rules of the game are seen as fixed at any point in time by mutual agreement and changeable through mutual agreement.

This mutual agreement is usually reached through the process of offer and acceptance.

renege on an agreement/deal/promise etc

Amid an increasingly hostile war of words, Finley has criticized Racicot for reneging on a promise to cooperate with federal authorities.

They had been bitten too often by Congress reneging on agreements negotiated in good faith by the White House.

sign a bill/legislation/agreement into law

sign an agreement/contract/treaty etc

Clients sign contracts to become participants and agree to adhere to a rigorous schedule.

It took more than a month to find and sign a contract with another company to complete the remaining work.

Kiptanui rushed off, saying he was going to make Kimeli sign a contract.

Paup had wanted to sign a contract extension with Green Bay during the 1994 season, but the Packers never approached him.

Pre-season David Campese signed a contract with commercial broadcaster Channel Ten.

The lead police detective signed a contract with a television movie production company.

You must stop your ears whenever you are asked to sign a treaty selling your home.

tear up an agreement/a contract etc


Congress could not come up with an agreement on a spending plan for next year.

Eventually all the parties signed the agreement .

I thought we had an agreement that you would keep me informed about any changes in the programme.

Officials said there was widespread agreement on the need to promote growth by cutting government spending.

Tara nodded her head in agreement .

There is general agreement among doctors that pregnant women should not smoke.

They made a secret agreement not to tell anyone about their plans.

Under the Geneva agreement , a French force was supposed to remain in South Vietnam until July 1956.


The 1834 agreement resolved a Supreme Court suit brought by New Jersey in 1829.

The dividing line between the two forms of agreement is often fine.

The institute has approached Fukuvi Chemicals to negotiate a marketing agreement to manufacture the product commercially.

The meeting concluded without formal agreement .

These aspects, if articulated at all, must therefore be governed by informal agreements.

Though the contract has not been signed, it has been drawn up and the agreement is solid.

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