Meaning of BIG in English


(IMPORTANT) [adjective] bigger, biggest - important, because of being powerful, influential or having a serious effectHe had a big decision to make about his future.There's a big difference between starting up a business and just talking about it.The big story in the news this week is the minister's resignation.Tonight's big game is between Real Madrid and Nottingham Forest. See also big game at big (LARGE).The four big high street banks are all planning to cut their staffing levels.It's taken us four years to complete this project, so today's a big day for us.(informal) To be big in a place or type of work is to be important or famous in that place or that type of work.They're big in Japan, but no one's heard of them here.She's big in marketing and owns three major companies.(informal) If a product or activity is big, it is extremely popular.Grunge music was very big in the early 1990s.(informal) The big day is also the day when you get married.When's the big day, then?(informal) If you say big deal to someone, you mean that you do not think that what they have said or done is important or special.So you've got a part-time job in the supermarket? Big deal!"I ran five miles this morning." "Big deal! I ran ten."(informal) If you say that something is no big deal, you do not think it is important or special."I was really sorry to hear about your accident." "Oh, it was no big deal (= it was not serious) - I just had a few cuts and bruises."(informal) Someone who has big ideas about something has plans for their future which will require great effort, skill and luck to be achieved.She's got big ideas about becoming a football manager.(informal) If you say to someone what's the big idea, you want to know why they have done something annoying.Don't turn the TV off - I was watching it. What's the big idea?(informal disapproving) If someone is too big for their boots, they behave as if they are more important than they really are.Since he got that promotion, he's been getting much too big for his boots.(informal) If someone makes it big, they become famous or successful.(informal) The big boys are the most important people in an activity or organization, or the most powerful and influential businesses in a particular area.He started off playing in junior competitions, but now he's up there with the big boys playing in international matches.We're only a small business and don't have the capital to compete with the big boys.Big Brother is a government, ruler or person in authority that has complete power and that tries to control people's behaviour and thoughts and limit their freedom.The introduction of police speed cameras on main roads has left many people with the impression that we are entering a Big Brother society.Big business is powerful and influential businesses and financial organizations when considered as a group.The president believes in strengthening the ties between big business and the community.The party receives most of its financial support from big business.If something is big business, it makes a lot of money.Health clubs are big business these days.Private publishing is big business - a rough estimate is that one book in ten is printed privately.(informal) A big fish/gun/noise/shot is a person who has an important or powerful position in a group or organization.He's a big shot in the city (= in the financial world).You might have been a big fish in a small pond at school, but you'll feel lost when you first go to university.(disapproving) If someone is/has a big-head or is big-headed, they think that they are cleverer or more important than they are.He's always boasting. He's such a big-head! Compare swollen head at swollen (LARGER).She's so big-headed! Compare swollen head at swollen (LARGER).(informal) The big league is the top level of a particular sport, business or activity in which there is the greatest competition and the greatest opportunity for success.He is about to join the big league of Formula 1 in time for the start of the new season at the South African Grand Prix.For the magazine to be successful, it will have to compete in the big league against leading weekly women's magazines.We're not playing at local politics here - this is big league stuff.(US informal) The Big Mo is the force which keeps an event developing after a start has been made.The Democrats are determined to keep up the Big Mo in the election campaign.(informal) A big name is a famous or important person.Are there any big names in the movie?She's a big name in politics.(informal) The big time is the state of being famous or successful.She wanted to hit the big time (= become famous or successful).You've really made the big time now (= become famous or successful).He's one of the big-time boys now (= He is rich and successful).(saying) 'The bigger they are, the harder they fall' means that the more important or powerful a person is, the more difficult it is for them when they lose that power or important position.

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