Meaning of BIG in English


adj. Function: adjective

1 of significant size or scope FF1C; a big expanse of mud FF1E; FF1C; big plans FF1E;

Synonyms: considerable, extensive, hefty, large, large-scale, major, sizable

Related Words: bumper, hulking, whacking, whopping; clumsy, unwieldy; ample, biggish, capacious, commodious, comprehensive, copious, roomy, spacious, voluminous; distended, inflated, swollen

Contrasted Words: paltry, piddling, trivial; slight, small; insignificant; minute, tiny, wee

Antonyms: little


Synonyms: LARGE 1, bull, fat, great, husky, oversize


Synonyms: PREGNANT 1, childing, enceinte, expectant, expecting, gone, gravid, heavy, parous, parturient


Synonyms: FULL 1, awash, brimful, brimming, chock-full, crammed, crowded, packed, replete, stuffed

Related Words: flushed, overflowing; cloyed, glutted, sated, satiated, satisfied

Idioms: full to bursting ( or overflowing), full to the ears, stuffed to the gills

Contrasted Words: empty


Synonyms: IMPORTANT 1, consequential, considerable, material, meaningful, momentous, significant, substantial, weighty


Synonyms: PRETENTIOUS 3, arty, arty-crafty, high-sounding, imposing, overblown


Synonyms: GENEROUS 1, benevolent, chivalrous, considerate, greathearted, lofty, magnanimous

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