Meaning of BOOK in English

(TEXT) [noun] [C] - a set of pages that have been fastened together inside a cover to be read or written inI took a book with me to read on the train.Their walls were lined with books.She wrote a book on car maintenance.Look up the number in the book (= a telephone directory at book).In a very long book such as the Bible, a book is one of the parts into which it is divided.The book of Job.A book of stamps, matches, tickets, etc. is a number of these items fastened together inside a cover.To open/start/keep a book on something is when a bookmaker accepts and pays out sums of money which are risked on a particular result.They've already opened a book on the result of the next World Cup.She likes good films and in my book (= in my opinion) that makes her all right.A book club is an organization in which members can buy books more cheaply than in the shops.I joined a book club and got this big atlas for only £5.(UK) A book token is a card worth a particular amount of money that is given as a present, and which can only be used to buy a book.Jamie got a £10 book token for his birthday from Auntie Marion.

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