Meaning of BOOK in English

noun a composition, written or printed; a treatise.

2. book ·vt to enter, write, or register in a book or list.

3. book ·vt to mark out for; to destine or assign for; as, he is booked for the valedictory.

4. book ·noun a part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "paradise lost.".

5. book ·noun six tricks taken by one side, in the game of whist; in certain other games, two or more corresponding cards, forming a set.

6. book ·noun a volume or collection of sheets in which accounts are kept; a register of debts and credits, receipts and expenditures, ·etc.

7. book ·vt to enter the name of (any one) in a book for the purpose of securing a passage, conveyance, or seat; as, to be booked for southampton; to book a seat in a theater.

8. book ·noun a collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing.

Webster English vocab.      Английский словарь Webster.