Meaning of CLAIM in English

(DEMAND) [verb] [T] - to ask for (something of value) because you think it belongs to you or because you think you have a right to itThe police said that if no one claims the watch, you can keep it.When King Richard III died, Henry VII claimed the English throne.If you claim money from the government or an organization, you make a written demand for it because you think you have a right to it.The number of people claiming unemployment benefit has risen sharply this month. [T]Don't forget to claim for your travelling expenses after the interview. [I]When my bike was stolen, I claimed on the insurance and got £150 back. [I](UK) My new TV doesn't work, so I'll either ask the shop for a replacement or claim my money back. [T]If you claim damages after an accident, you make an official request for money from the person who caused your injuries.If a violent event or fighting or a disease claims someone's life, that person is killed by it.The war, which has been raging in the country for over three months, has claimed thousands of lives.If someone claims the moral high ground, they say that they are morally better than someone else.Both the media and the politicians are trying to claim the moral high ground.

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