Meaning of EXPOSURE in English

[noun]You should always limit your exposure to (= the amount of time you leave your skin without protection against) the sun. [U]Even a brief exposure to radiation is very dangerous. [C]All the members of the expedition to the South Pole died of exposure (= from being without protection against the cold). [U]The exposure (= discovery and reporting) of the minister's love affair forced him to resign. [U]Spielberg's new film is getting a lot of exposure (= is being reported) in the media at the moment. [U]Greg's parents are worried about his exposure to (= that he will be influenced by) the kind of people they don't approve of while he's at college. [U]There are twenty-four exposures on this film (= the film can take that many photographs). [C]When it is dark, you need a slow exposure (= need to allow more time for light to enter the camera) in order to take a photograph. [C]Our dining room has a northern exposure (= faces north), so it's rather cold. [C]

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