Meaning of EXPOSURE in English

ikˈspōzhə(r), ek- noun

( -s )

Etymology: expose + -ure

1. : an act of exposing, laying open, or setting forth: as

a. : disclosure to view : display

skillful exposure of goods in a store window

her exposure of a shapely leg


(1) : a disclosure especially of a weakness or something shameful or criminal : unmasking

continued his exposure of electoral frauds

the battle was finally won with the exposure of the Tory commissioner as a grafter — Current Biography

also : the condition of being unmasked or shown up

he feared exposure above all else

(2) : presentation , exposition

a dispassionate exposure of fundamental passions of any time and any place — T.S.Eliot

how terrifying an exposure he was making of the emptiness of life without belief — F.O.Matthiessen

suites were considered too heavy for exposure in the concert hall — Roland Gelatt

c. : an act of abandoning (as an infant) especially in the open

reject all regulation of the birth rate by infanticide, exposure , … or any other means — H.E.Barnes & Howard Becker


(1) : the act of exposing a sensitized photographic material

(2) : a section of a film for an individual picture

a roll containing eight exposures

(3) : the total amount of light or other radiant energy received per unit area on the sensitized material — usually expressed for cameras in terms of the time and the lens f -number

an exposure of 1/50 second at f /8

e. : an act of subjecting to an experience or influence

denounced exposure of children to such corrupting literature


a. : a condition or an instance of being laid bare or exposed to view

particularly striking … are the picturesque exposures of the somber banded clays — Earth Science Digest

d. : a condition of being exposed to danger or loss : liability or accessibility to something that may affect detrimentally

exposure to infection

: risk , vulnerability

insurable under a policy having less exposure — Charles Ray

exposure to sudden attack by the enemy

specifically : the condition of being exposed to the elements

she died as a result of exposure suffered after a shipwreck — American Guide Series: Maine

the work is hard … and exposure is part of the routine — E.P.Hohman

c. : a condition or an instance of being subjected to an experience or influence

long exposure to the temperature of boiling water — J.B.Conant

the permanent effects of his early exposure to Catholicism — William Troy

wearily cynical from years of exposure to human misery — New York Times

d. : a position with respect to the points of compass or to climatic or weather influences

a kitchen with a western exposure

3. : something (as a bed of mineral material) exposed to view

thousands of exposures of many different kinds of rock have been examined — W.E.Swinton

4. : the product of the flux density of radiation falling upon a surface by the time during which the surface is exposed to the radiation

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.