Meaning of EXPOSURE in English


Pronunciation: ik- ' sp ō -zh ə r

Function: noun

Date: 1605

1 : the fact or condition of being exposed: as a : the condition of being presented to view or made known <a politician seeks a lot of exposure > b : the condition of being unprotected especially from severe weather <died of exposure > c : the condition of being subject to some effect or influence <risk exposure to the flu> d : the condition of being at risk of financial loss <minimizes your exposure to market fluctuations> also : an amount at risk

2 : the act or an instance of exposing: as a : disclosure of something secret <tried to prevent exposure of their past> b : the treating of sensitized material (as film) to controlled amounts of radiant energy also : the amount of such energy or length of such treatment <a 3-second exposure >

3 a : the manner of being exposed b : the position (as of a house) with respect to weather influences or compass points <a room with a southern exposure >

4 : a piece or section of sensitized material (as film) on which an exposure is or can be made <36 exposure s per roll>

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