Meaning of EXTERNAL in English

[adjective] [not gradable] - of, on, for or coming from the outsideThe external walls of the house are in need of repair.Female kangaroos carry their young in pouches that are external to their bodies.The doctor thinks her injuries are all external (= the inside of her body has not been damaged).This skin cream is for external use only (= it must not be put inside the body).In later years, his paintings began to show a number of external influences (= influences coming from other people).Children must learn to live in the external world outside their families.Most news magazines have a section devoted to external affairs (= foreign news).You shouldn't judge people solely by their external appearances (= what they appear to be like).See also exterior. Compare internal.An external examination is one arranged by people outside a student's own school, college or university, and in which the student's work is judged by an external examiner.An external student is one who is connected with a college or university but does not study the usual courses.

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