Meaning of EXTERNAL in English

adj away from the mesial plane of the body; lateral.

2. external ·adj not intrinsic nor essential; accidental; accompanying; superficial.

3. external ·adj outside of or separate from ourselves; (metaph.) separate from the perceiving mind.

4. external ·adj outwardly perceptible; visible; physical or corporeal, as distinguished from mental or moral.

5. external ·adj foreign; relating to or connected with foreign nations; as, external trade or commerce; the external relations of a state or kingdom.

6. external ·noun something external or without; outward part; that which makes a show, rather than that which is intrinsic; visible form;

— usually in the plural.

7. external ·adj outward; exterior; relating to the outside, as of a body; being without; acting from without;

— opposed to internal; as, the external form or surface of a body.

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