Meaning of EXTERNAL in English

/ ɪkˈstɜːnl; NAmE ɪkˈstɜːrnl/ adjective


connected with or located on the outside of sth/sb :

the external walls of the building

The lotion is for external use only (= only for the skin and must not be swallowed) .


happening or coming from outside a place, an organization, your particular situation, etc. :

A combination of internal and external factors caused the company to close down.

external pressures on the economy

Many external influences can affect your state of mind.


coming from or arranged by sb from outside a school, a university or an organization :

( BrE )

external examiners / assessors

An external auditor will verify the accounts.


connected with foreign countries :

The government is committed to reducing the country's external debt.

the Minister of State for External Affairs

OPP internal

►  ex·ter·nal·ly / ɪkˈstɜːnəli; NAmE -ˈstɜːrn-/ adverb :

The building has been restored externally and internally.

The university has many externally funded research projects.



late Middle English : from medieval Latin , from Latin exter outer.

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