Meaning of EXTREME in English

(FURTHEST) [adjective], [noun] [C] - (at) the furthest point; (to) the greatest degreein the extreme north of the countryat the extreme end of the peninsulaPeople with extreme views have opinions which are outside the usual range of opinion.He has extreme views/He is extreme in his views on foxhunting.Extreme weather is either very good or very bad weather.At the furthest extreme of the field is a patch of orchids.At one extreme there are people who have two homes while at the other (extreme) there are those who sleep on the streets.Somewhere between the two extremes is a happy medium.This is a crisis which at the extreme (= in the worst situation) could lead to war.His moods go from one extreme to the other (= first he is very happy then he is very unhappy).His unhappiness drove him to extremes (= made him behave in an unsuitable way).

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