Meaning of EXTREME in English

I. adjective


a extreme measure

The public would not be in favour of such an extreme measure.

an extreme emergency (= a situation that is very worrying or dangerous )

These weapons should be used only in an extreme emergency.

an extreme example

To give you an extreme example, one lady called the police fifteen times in a single evening.

an extreme position

Few people hold this extreme position today.

an extreme sport (= one that is dangerous )

Many teenagers are attracted to extreme sports such as snowboarding.

At the opposite extreme,

At the opposite extreme, Ashworth’s style is very simple and modern.

extreme caution

Bears can be dangerous and walkers should proceed with extreme caution.

extreme fighting

extreme temperatures

The material has to be able to withstand extreme temperatures.


a politician who has extreme views on immigration

extreme/severe poverty

They live in conditions of extreme poverty.


These mountain people are used to the extreme climate.

great/deep/extreme reluctance

He said the firm had made the job cuts with great reluctance.

severe/extreme embarrassment

This scandal could cause severe embarrassment to the government.

severe/serious/extreme hardship (= very bad )

The 1930s brought severe hardship to the Midwest, especially for Oklahoma.

the intense/extreme heat

She was in need of a cooling drink in the intense heat.




If he writes slowly and with extreme care , he forsakes natural rhythm and ease of style.

Virginia liked to watch them when they were in a mood that required that they be handled with extreme care .

However, this kind of educational process needs to be carried out with extreme care .


In some extreme cases , theorising obliterates any need for empirical method.

In extreme cases , they break windows and fill the inside of the car with snow.

The extreme case is, of course, a partial reinforcement schedule in which food is sometimes presented and sometimes not.

They represent extreme cases of female aggressiveness, male nurturance, and other seemingly anomalous behavior.

Only in the most extreme cases does any sense of closure pertain.

Then the militia, or the U. S. Army, in extreme cases , would enforce the injunction.

The award of a franchise to an entirely new company, from scratch, was thus the extreme case .

However, incorrect stretching can cause untold damage and even permanent injuries in extreme cases .


However, a partner needs gentle handling to tread gently and with extreme caution .

In reality, the tsar proceeded with extreme caution .

Exercise extreme caution in babies with renal or hepatic failure.

It is therefore advisable that all practice be carried out with extreme caution .

She even exercises extreme caution about what she throws into her waste-paper bin.

Treat special offers with extreme caution .

He was going to have to move with extreme caution .

Providing walkers exercise extreme caution no major problems should be encountered.


A careful record, with corroboration, is always desirable in such extreme circumstances .

Only once had he said he loved her, and that had been in extreme circumstances .

This could include the imposition of sanctions or in extreme circumstances suspension of the client from that establishment.

In extreme circumstances the customer or supplier may seek to use its strong position and extract personal benefits in return for giving its consent.

An officer who spent his career patrolling a middle-class suburb would only in extreme circumstances be involved in a physical encounter.

In extreme circumstances borrowers might be allowed to pay interest only for a while.

The wearing of a plaster cast was only allowed in extreme circumstances and brown suede shoes were definitely out.


The extreme difficulty in getting information suggests some state secret.


Evictions are the extreme end of the bailiff's duties.

But the extreme ends of the continent seem afflicted with retro-chic shallowness when it comes to cocktails.

Roots and leafless bushes stuck up wildly at the extreme end of the strip.


An extreme example of such extension can be found in the description of teaching as an act of violence.

Indeed, they are one of the more extreme examples .

An extreme example of this is broadcasting expenditure.

The extreme example of this is the call centre, where time spent on refreshment breaks is often deducted from pay.

In an extreme example , imagine you have been told you have an incurable disease.

Fresh food is the most extreme example of the change that has come over the shops.

It represented an extreme example of a theocracy - of a body politic organised essentially around religious principles.

An extreme example of Western attitude towards animals is the so-called blood sports, most of which have now died out.


This is anomic aphasia. 9.2.6 Global aphasia Global aphasia could be thought of as the most extreme form of aphasia.

Even the most extreme forms of self-mortification have ancient parallels.

The most extreme form of dramatic playing would be egocentric play.

In its extreme form , the domain of appropriate state action is reduced to almost nothing, a perspective usually termed libertarianism.

This is an extreme form of ignoring.

The extreme form of this view, in which there is no role for the state, is labeled anarchism.

These feminist differences surfaced in a more extreme form in the months after the passing of the act.

The price that has to be paid, in extreme form , is neurosis.


Developing your film To get your film developed you need to go to the extreme left of the upper level.


Public opinion, it was argued, would react unfavourably to such an extreme measure .

It was not an alien phenomenon and, as such, did not provoke an extreme response or demand extreme measures .

Extreme measures perhaps but unfortunately extreme measures are becoming necessary.

He hoped that such extreme measures would not be necessary.

In times of political unrest, the danger that extreme measures will be taken increases.

So when a blizzard or a budget standoff sends them home, some federal workaholics resort to extreme measures .

The strike is the most extreme measure by which the students can peacefully protest their dissatisfactions.


I would not accept this extreme position .

This allows presidential candidates to jump on their bandwagons without being held accountable for their extreme positions .

Many observers argue that banning political parties is counter-productive because it forces moderates into more extreme positions .

They tend to talk more extremely and take more extreme positions .

Hold in this extreme position for 25 counts, stretching a little further with each count.

This is typified by the extreme positions of the Black Paperites and the neo-Marxist Freeschoolers and Deschoolers.

Hold for 1 second in this extreme position .

Hold for 1 second in that extreme position , then push and stretch a little further for a count of 25.


He moved there in 1920 and his first years were marked by extreme poverty .

Chancey, who had never known his parents, was being raised by an old aunt in extreme poverty .

For most, this was their first exposure to extreme poverty .

He points out that the working classes consisted mainly of peasants forced off the land through extreme poverty .


More often the cause is loss of confidence or extreme pressure of work.

There is extreme pressure for production and keeping costs down.

In 376, however, the Visigoths found themselves under extreme pressure from the Huns, an Asiatic people from the steppes.

They were under extreme pressure and the pressure itself was impairing performance.

He batted for almost 2 hours and hit four fours under extreme pressure .

He needs to be in a place without the extreme pressure .

What is the cost to staff working under extreme pressure ?


The vote for the extreme right is depressing, but not the beginning of a trend, let alone das End.

My platoon was the lead platoon on the extreme right .

At the extreme right of the picture the top of the Citicorp Building has been spun through 180 degrees.

He was awarded a law degree at the Sorbonne, where he flirted with the extreme right .

The basic tenor of the publications of the extreme Right has scarcely altered since that date.

Here we formed the extreme right of the line of battle...

The large mill owner's house is on the extreme right .

We women can not be lured back as long as the extreme right is in control.


We also hear the results of this false dualism in less extreme situations in our own public life.

In the end this backfired, since it meant the bomb could only be used in the most extreme situation imaginable.

This extreme role can be used to try to understand extreme situations .

In extreme situations , it may be necessary to resort to arbitration.

In extreme situations like this it is not surprising that the local population becomes angered.

In their view separation should only happen in extreme situations where the child is physically at risk.


I think maybe he didn't share some of their more extreme views .

The new administration leaned toward a more extreme view on contagion than patients had experienced in years.

Smith expressed his typically extreme view that the appointment of Coleman was the greatest calamity the veterinary profession ever experienced.

Quinton would not accept the third thesis mentioned, and it is a very extreme view .

Nature is a precarious system, likely to accelerate to catastrophe if tampered with, is one extreme view .


Such measures are obviously justified where extreme violence has taken place or serious acts of vandalism have been committed.

Rated R for brief nudity and extreme violence .

After all, if they were premeditated, why were they carried out with such extreme violence ?


The walks take place in all but the most extreme weather conditions, so please wear suitable outdoor clothing.

In fact, many buy snow insurance as a hedge against extreme weather .

Global warming will deeply affect poor countries, leading to huge numbers of refugees, crop failures, and extreme weather .

If so, are we all facing more extreme weather ?

Scientists can also understand more about possible links with extreme weather like hurricanes.

It was known that fasting could cause hallucinations, and extreme weather conditions were thought to affect the mind.

In addition, the surface is not affected by extreme weather conditions.


carry sth too far/to extremes/to excess

It was funny at first, but you've carried the joke too far.

lurch from one crisis/extreme etc to another


extreme left-wing groups

extreme nationalists

extreme temperatures

Buchanan's political views are too extreme for most Americans.

The organization says they consider Kahane's views to be extreme .

The refugees face a winter of extreme hardship.

We like to present an extreme position to get people to react to it.


But memory is highly selective, particularly within an organization that has weathered numerous crises and moments of extreme duress.

He hoped that such extreme measures would not be necessary.

Hold in this extreme position for 25 counts, stretching a little further with each count.

It had always been one of his Walter Mittyisms to run a restaurant, and this we discussed with extreme earnestness.

That imbalance in brain chemicals also could lead to exaggerated responses to stress, resulting in extreme fatigue.

Therefore, emotion, which can interfere with attention when it is extreme , is nevertheless the cornerstone of attention.

This is anomic aphasia. 9.2.6 Global aphasia Global aphasia could be thought of as the most extreme form of aphasia.

II. noun




At the opposite extreme of a pulse of extremely long duration, the Fourier spectrum only contains extremely low frequencies.

Alfonsina Storni seems to have veered as far as possible to the opposite extreme .

At the opposite extreme , paupers' graves had long been unmarked; but in between, death had been the metaphorical leveller.

The opposite extreme is to find one individual and share all the duties of parenthood equally, as albatrosses do.


At the other extreme were open villages where the land was divided among a large number of freeholders and smallholders.

At the other extreme is the introduction of market principles into local authority practice by means of paid care schemes.

Our brains are no better equipped to handle extremes of complexity than extremes of size and the other difficult extremes of physics.

At the other extreme of cost is drilled emplacement.

At the other extreme is the park to which the public has unrestricted access during daylight hours.

At the other extreme stood Great Britain.


Nietzsche was soon to substitute a new opposition whose polar extremes were occupied by visual art and music.



If you intend to change gauges and/or tunings regularly, try to avoid ridiculous extremes .

An early rule-of-thumb was to avoid any extremes of emotional behaviour.

True to our traditions, we have avoided all extremes .

However, one should avoid extremes in dress which may cause uneasiness.

There is a quiet pride that the profession avoided the extremes in adapting to modern ways.


And for some schools, this may be an interesting option, though if carried to extremes , it has serious limitations.

Mrs Norris carries thrift to extremes .

The doctrine of the origin of domestic races from several aboriginal stocks was once carried to absurd extremes .


Predictably, it has not gone to extremes .

Victims' advocate Gail Leland said that too often parents go from one extreme to the other.

Sharing here goes to extremes that foreigners have a hard time comprehending.

The river goes from one extreme to the other and, what with all the metaphor, sometimes gets pretty muddy.

Do not be tempted to go to extremes .

There may be no reason for normal people to go to such extremes .

The more that you are yourself, the more people will go to extremes in their feeling about you.

My experience, dating back to the Depression, convinces me Wall Street goes to extremes .


But few take it to such extremes as Rome.

Anything can be taken to extremes .

Painting in ripstop nylon has been taken to extremes by Tom Casselman.

Irigaray has offered some clues, but she takes the extreme of the feminine position as her point of departure.

But both communities must recognise the cancerous effect of sectarianism, taken to these extremes .

That is certainly taking caution to extremes .

If taken to extremes , such policies carried within them the potential to precipitate a catastrophic decline into hyperinflation.

The Holocaust shows what happened when the Western doctrine of racial superiority was taken to its ultimate extreme .


carry sth too far/to extremes/to excess

It was funny at first, but you've carried the joke too far.

lurch from one crisis/extreme etc to another

polar opposite/extreme

CertainIV it should not accommodate its polar opposite.

Eikmeyer's fundamental insight is that co-operation and non-co-operation are not simply polar opposites along a scale.

However, the life-cycle savings model is the polar opposite case from pure classical savings.

In fact the two strains-puritanism and pentecostalism-seem in some way to be nearly polar opposites.

No such inhibitions stunt the growth of the rag trade at the polar opposite point from the basking Sloanes.

Strickland was their polar opposite -- an irresponsible teammate and anti-leader.

The Mark Hateley of suit and silk tie is a polar opposite to the Mark Hateley of shorts and bootlaces.

When you bring together two polar opposites, the classless one will always drag the other one down.


All these parts interrelate, and it is implausible in the extreme to suppose that their interrelation is fortuitous.

Either way, climate extremes are expected to increase.

For children, the world is one of extremes.

In the extreme , parents can even become physically abusive.

Plant vaccines take this sort of trickery to an ingenious extreme .

The junior adventure story has not suffered the same extremes of literary discrimination.

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