Meaning of EXTREME in English

adj. 1 unusual, uncommon, exceptional, outstanding, notable, noteworthy, abnormal, different, extraordinary, remarkable We experienced extreme difficulty driving home 2 immoderate, excessive, severe, intense, acute, maximum, worst This equipment is made to withstand extreme arctic conditions 3 outermost, endmost, farthest, ultimate, utmost, uttermost, remotest, last, far-off, far-away, distant, very She walked to the extreme end of the pier 4 rigid, stern, severe, strict, conservative, hidebound, stiff, stringent, restrictive, constrictive, uncompromising, Draconian, harsh, drastic Grandfather favoured taking extreme measures against terrorists 5 unconventional, radical, outrageous, wild, weird, bizarre, queer, outrageous, offbeat, exotic, eccentric, different, outré, Slang far-out, way-out, US and Canadian kooky I find your outfit too extreme to wear in public 6 beyond the pale or limits or bounds, extravagant, inordinate, excessive, disproportionate, outrageous Because of your extreme behaviour, you will be confined to the house for a week

n. 7 Often, extremes. limit(s), bounds, utmost, maximum, Colloq swing Try to be more moderate and to avoid extremes 8 Often, go to extremes. limit(s), bounds, maximum, acme, zenith, pinnacle, summit, height, apex, apogee, peak, extremity; depth, nadir Thea's moods varied between the extremes of joy and grief 9 in the extreme. extremely, very, exceptionally, exceedingly, extraordinarily, unusually His table manners are rude in the extreme

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