Meaning of EXTREME in English


n. 25B6; adjective

extreme danger : UTMOST, very great, greatest (possible), maximum, maximal, highest, supreme, great, acute, enormous, severe, high, exceptional, extraordinary.

extreme measures : DRASTIC, serious, desperate, dire, radical, far-reaching, momentous, consequential; heavy, sharp, severe, austere, harsh, tough, strict, rigorous, oppressive, draconian; Brit. swingeing.

extreme views : RADICAL, extremist, immoderate, fanatical, revolutionary, rebel, subversive, militant.

extreme sports : DANGEROUS, hazardous, risky, high-risk, adventurous.

the extreme north-west : FURTHEST, farthest, furthermost, farthermost, very, utmost; archaic outmost.


slight, moderate.

25B6; noun

the two extremes : OPPOSITE, antithesis, side of the coin, (opposite) pole, antipode.

this attitude is taken to its extreme in the following quote : LIMIT, extremity, highest/greatest degree, maximum, height, top, zenith, peak.

25A0; in the extreme . See extremely .

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