Meaning of JOB in English


(EMPLOYMENT) [noun] [C] - the regular work which a person does to earn moneyWhen she left college, she got a job as an editor in a publishing company.My mother found it very difficult trying to bring up two children while doing a full-time job.He has a part-time job working in a garage.After 10 years as a freelance journalist, she finally got a steady (= permanent) job working for The Sydney Morning Herald.Clive's got a temporary job working in a pub over the summer.She's applied for a job with an insurance company.The new supermarket will create 50 new jobs in the area.Are you going to give up your job when you have your baby?(UK and ANZ) The government is encouraging companies to provide new jobs for the unemployed with job creation schemes. If the company is to increase its profits, there will have to be job cuts.The closure of the factory will result in heavy job losses.He's never managed to hold down (= keep) a regular job in his life.I used to have a nine-to-five job (= work regular hours) in an office, but now I run my own business.He was sacked after he fell asleep on the job (= while at work).How long have you been out of a job (= unemployed)?She decided to leave a top (= high-ranking) job in advertising to do charity work. After a disastrous first month in office, many people are beginning to wonder if the new president is up to (= able to do) the job.Her new employers have offered her on-the-job training (= training while she is working).(UK and ANZ informal disapproving) Jobs for the boys is work which is given by someone in an important position to their friends or relatives.The council has denied accusations of jobs for the boys, but it's well known that its supporters have been given important contracts.(UK and ANZ informal) It's more than my job's worth to lend you this key (= I risk losing my job if I let you have it).(US) A job action is a temporary show of lack of satisfaction by a group of workers, often by doing their work more slowly, in order to make their demands noticeable.(UK) A job centre is a government office where unemployed people can go for advice and information about jobs which are available.A job description is a list of the responsibilities which you have and the duties which you are expected to perform in your work.(UK) Job evaluation is the process of comparing a job with other jobs in an organization and deciding how much the person who is doing the job should be paid.Job satisfaction is the feeling of pleasure and achievement which you experience in your job when you know that your work is worth doing, or the degree to which your work fulfils your expectations and hopes.Many people are more interested in job satisfaction than in earning large amounts of money.If you have job security, your job is likely to be permanent.There is a lack of job security in professions such as acting and journalism in which people are only employed for short periods of time.

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