Meaning of JOB in English


I. ˈjäb noun

( -s )

Etymology: perhaps from obsolete English, lump, from Middle English jobbe, perhaps alteration of gobbe — more at gob


a. : a piece of work

did odd jobs for the neighborhood housewives

gave up the marriage as a bad job

the job before her, that of phrasing and rephrasing a fugue — Osbert Sitwell

the bridge was a bigger and longer job than the firm expected

: performance , achievement

the new biography is a superb job

too lazy to turn out an honest job

specifically : a small miscellaneous piece of work undertaken on order at a stated rate

have two offset jobs to print up today

the car needed a brake job

b. : a quality, product, or result of work

do a better job next time

a more uniform dye job is obtained in skeins — H.R.Mauersberger

c. : an example of a usually specified type : item

at the truck stop were three tractor-trailer jobs

the blonde job sitting at the bar

2. : something done for private advantage : deal ; especially : a collusive piece of business

his appointment as judge was a flagrant job

suspected the whole incident was a put-up job

3. chiefly Britain : a state or turn of affairs : a piece of luck : thing — used with bad or good

it was a good job you didn't hit the old man — E.L.Thomas

4. : a criminal enterprise ; specifically : robbery

the gang that pulled the bank job


a. : a regular remunerative employment : position , situation

got a part-time job as a waiter in a café

holds a key job in the government

b. : a specific duty, role, or function : work customarily performed

the stokers' job was to feed coal into the furnaces

the white blood cells … have the job of fighting infection — Morris Fishbein

when more light is needed a stronger bulb will do the job

specifically : an activity or group of related activities contributing to a larger process

divide the manufacturing process into a number of carefully defined jobs assigned to individual workers

6. : an undertaking requiring unusual exertion : effort

the radio whined so loud that it was a job to talk through it — Rose Macaulay

7. : the object or material on which work is being done

held the job with tongs while he hammered it

8. : the actual process of doing a piece of work : the activity of a job

learned plumbing on the job itself

get on with the job of planning the trip

stuck to the job till the tire was off

9. : the area used in carrying on a job (as of construction)

lumber stored in piles on the job

10. jobs plural : defective or slow-selling goods (as publishers' remainders) sold at reduced prices

11. slang : a thoroughly damaging piece of work : a job of destruction or disablement — usually used in the phrase do a job on

the collision really did a job on their car

did a job on his rival in the third game, letting him score only one point

Synonyms: see task

- on the job

II. verb

( jobbed ; jobbed ; jobbing ; jobs )

intransitive verb


a. : to do odd or occasional pieces of work for hire : work by the piece

supported himself by jobbing in local orchestras

b. : to do job work


a. : to direct or carry on public business so as to secure private advantage or graft

b. : to seek or give a political favor in return for secret influence or graft

a bit of jobbing … got a grand jury presentment to make a road which served nobody's interest but his own — Samuel Lover

3. : to carry on the business of a middleman : trade in wholesale lots

his company jobs and doesn't sell to the homeowner

transitive verb

1. : to buy and sell (as stock) or let (as a property) for profit : speculate

2. : to hire or let by the job or for a period of service

job a carriage for the time he would be in the city

3. : to make a job of (a matter of public trust or duty) : get, deal with, or effect by jobbery

4. : to do or cause to be done by separate portions or lots : sublet

job the city paving to the lowest bidders

5. : to do a job on : swindle , trick

claimed he had been jobbed out of the championship

: dispose of (as by political intrigue)

assured his election by jobbing his political rival

III. adjective

1. Britain : that is for hire by the job or for a given service or period

job carriage at 2 guineas a day

a job gardener


a. : used in or suitable for job work

job type

b. : engaged in job work

job printer

job shop

c. : done as job work

job printing

3. : of or relating to a job or to employment

guarantee of job security

gloom in the job market

IV. verb

( jobbed ; jobbed ; jobbing ; jobs )

Etymology: Middle English jobben

intransitive verb

chiefly dialect : jab

transitive verb

1. chiefly dialect : jab

2. chiefly Australia : to strike or hit especially with a heavy blow

V. noun

( -s )

: a one-handed stroke used in field hockey by a tackler to push the ball away from an opponent's stick

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