Meaning of NIGHT in English


(DARK PERIOD) [noun] - the part of every 24 hour period when it is dark because there is very little light from the sunIt often gets cold at night in the desert. [U]Last night was certainly a night to remember. [C]Bats and owls generally hunt at night. [U]You can spend the night here if you want - we have a spare bed. [C]We'll be travelling on the night ferry.Night after night means every night.The howling of wild animals kept him awake night after night.Bright lights illuminate the tunnel night and day (= all the time) so that digging never needs to stop. See also day and night at day.Night blindness is the inability to see when the general amount of light is very slight.A night shift is a group of workers who work for a period during the night, or the period for which they work.People who work (on the) night shift are paid more but it's still very unpopular.A night table/night stand is US for bedside table.See at bedside.Night-time is the time in every 24 hour period when it is dark.A night watchman is a person who guards a building at night.

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