Meaning of NIGHT in English

n. 1 the period of darkness between one day and the next; the time from sunset to sunrise. 2 nightfall (shall not reach home before night). 3 the darkness of night (as black as night). 4 a night or evening appointed for some activity, or spent or regarded in a certain way (last night of the Proms; a great night out). night-blindness = NYCTALOPIA. night fighter an aeroplane used for interception at night. night-hawk 1 a nocturnal prowler, esp. a thief. 2 a nightjar. night-life entertainment available at night in a town. night-light a dim light kept on in a bedroom at night. night-long throughout the night. night nurse a nurse on duty during the night. night-owl colloq. a person active at night. night safe a safe with access from the outer wall of a bank for the deposit of money etc. when the bank is closed. night school an institution providing evening classes for those working by day. night shift a shift of workers employed during the night. night-soil the contents of cesspools etc. removed at night, esp. for use as manure. night-time the time of darkness. night-watchman 1 a person whose job is to keep watch by night. 2 Cricket an inferior batsman sent in when a wicket falls near the close of a day's play. nightless adj.

[ OE neaht, niht f. Gmc ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.