Meaning of NIGHT in English



4 nights/3 weeks etc in a row

She’s been out four nights in a row.

a cold night/day

It was a cold night with a starlit sky.

a night raid (= an attack that takes place at night )

The night raids were almost non-stop.

a night shift

She found it hard to stay awake during her night shifts at the factory.

be on day/night shifts (= be working a series of day or night shifts )

He’s on night shifts all next week.

be on the late/early/night etc shift (= be working a particular shift )

She’s on the late shift.

bonfire night

chilly day/night/evening etc

a chilly November morning

city/cat/night etc person (= someone who likes a particular kind of thing )

I’m not a morning person.

election day/night (= the day or night when people are voting and the votes are being counted )

We urge all our supporters to get out and vote on election night.

fateful day/night/year etc

The goalkeeper on that fateful day in 1954 was Fred Martin.

first night

from morning till night (= all day – used for emphasis )

He works from morning till night.

from morning to night (= without stopping )

housewives who work from morning to night

gala dinner/performance/night etc

the Society’s Gala Dinner

a charity gala evening

good night

Good night. Sleep well.

Guy Fawkes Night

kiss sb goodbye/good night etc

Kiss Daddy good night.

last night/week/year etc

Did you see the game on TV last night?

The law was passed last August.

late at night

It was not a place to walk in late at night .

late nights (= nights when she went to bed after the normal time )

She looked tired – too many late nights .

night class

night depository

night duty

She is on night duty at the hospital.

night out with the boys

Friday is his night out with the boys .

night owl

night porter

night safe

night school

night shift

She’s on the night shift this week.

night spot

my favourite New York night spot

night vision (= the ability to see when it is dark )

Cats have good night vision but can’t see colour very well.

night watchman

opening night

quiet night in (= an evening when you stay at home and relax )

I’m going to have a quiet night in .

quiz night British English

a quiz night held in the local pub

sb’s wedding night

They spent their wedding night in a hotel.

stag night

stay the night/stay overnight/stay over (= stay from one evening to the next day )

Did you stay the night at Carolyn’s?

stillness of the night

Somewhere in the stillness of the night , an owl hooted.

the middle of the night/day

I got a phone call from her in the middle of the night!

the morning/evening/night air

He stepped out and breathed in the cold morning air.

the night/evening/morning sky

The moon is the brightest object visible in the night sky.

tomorrow morning/night etc

We’re meeting tomorrow evening.

work days/nights/weekends etc

I get paid more if I work nights.

We’re sometimes expected to work twelve-hour days.




Dunne excused himself, said good night to Cassidy, nodded to the Gallaghers, and went upstairs.

A good night to you, Sandy.

Let us go gently into that good night .

I just said good night to her.

I worked really hard which meant I got tired and could sleep better at night .

Instead, I did some-thing that even as a lapsed Catholic I still did for good luck on nights before exams.


Other facilities include lounge &038; late night bar for guests.

They met for lunch in Washington Park, smoked dope with her newspaper friends, were invited together to late night parties.

My master came in very late last night .

There is feasting and singing till late at night .

Eating late at night will help me sleep.

Meanwhile he spends more time indoors than he did before - and never ventures into Swindon alone late at night .

He did not leave until late at night and had even been observed climbing into his jeep on Sunday morning.


Many long nights he would brood in his tower, and soon he was turned stoop-shouldered and prematurely old by his duties.

I loved the sense of family warmth that radiated through those long kitchen nights of talk....

It was the longest night she had ever spent.

Once after a long night of studies, a fellow student told Richardson she looked a little tired.

At the end of the long night , he could still only guess at one name.

If so, it was a long night , give or take 15 years.

It looked as if it might be a long night .

They took long walks at night .


Alan thought of the little scene he had witnessed the previous night .

The next day I told the London syndicate manager of my conversation the previous night .

He remembered the confessions of the previous night , and he remembered the young man who had confronted him outside his hotel.

It was somewhat later than the previous night , perhaps ten or twelve minutes before one.

She awoke with her body lazily relaxed, only slight soreness to remind her of what had happened the previous night .

The previous night , Charles guided Artesia to its second straight state title.

And where had Amy been the previous night when her husband was being killed?


A sleepless night had added to her pallor and the haunted look in her eyes.

Sheila spent many sleepless nights figuring out how to deliver for her first major customer.

I felt lonely and afraid, and had many sleepless nights .

The four travellers passed a sleepless night , each thinking of the gift Oz had promised to bestow on him.

His social conscience, dulled by a sleepless night , was now barely alive.

Thus begins the chronic cycle of tired days and sleepless nights .

For several sleepless nights , Charity had been engaged in what she would call tiny wrestling with herself.

Just getting it insured had been a process that took months, endless costly phone calls, and sleepless nights .



In the clear night air the sound of battle at the nearest of the gates was clearly audible.

We were breathing fogs in the cold night air .

The night air was fresh, washed by the storm into a cool clarity.

The rush of night air might do me some good.

Then go for a walk and let the night air dry your tears.

The windows were open; the telephone rang into the night air .

Everyone else had gone back out into the cold night air , except her three companions and the proprietor.

The ambulance was already gone, but patrol cars were still there, radios squawking in the night air .


On a Friday night he would drink a pint of lemonade at the bar.

He pitched his butt off Friday night .

Before each of the Tuesday and Friday night performances, there are two practice sessions.

Bobby Bonilla has the flu, which is why Leyland removed him in the fifth inning of Game 3 Friday night .

But the phone company patched through a line Friday night , and du Pont answered the telephone when authorities called.

Simon, 56, died in his Louisville home Friday night .


Hollywood celebrates the glitz and the glamour of the Oscars next Monday night .

His team had just lost Game 5 Monday night to Baltimore, 4-2.

On Monday night , Celner called Zylstra about the same time she called police, he said.

Buchanan also called on independents and Democrats to flood the precinct meetings Monday night .

The Cardinals do not play on Monday night .

Attempts to locate Hoster Monday night were unsuccessful.

Also, Gingrich plans to address a Republican caucus Monday night .


The restaurant closed shortly after 5 p. m. the Saturday night we stayed there.

On Saturday night , the 476 convention delegates will question Republican presidential hopefuls.

A quarter moon has peeked out from thin clouds on a Saturday night .

Holyfield has made $ 64 million in his last two fights, including $ 20 million Saturday night .

He was on the left baseline and lofted a shot that looked very much like the 19 others he made Saturday night .

The latest attack occurred Saturday night .

The Los Angeles Kings' newest new look, unveiled Saturday night , can be summed up in four words.


He had seen their silhouette against the night sky .

But more telescopes are needed to provide continuous coverage of the night sky at all latitudes.

A slender new crescent moon lay on its back high in the clear night sky .

Even Orion stands on his head in the night sky .

When they are installed the structure will gleam in reflected sunlight to become one of the brightest objects in the night sky .

Such a perfect green disk under such a perfect night sky .

Something about the great sweep of the night sky .

The plane slipped easily down out of the night sky on to the Doha runway.


To plot what needs to be done, family members have come together on Sunday nights for supper.

How crowded was the Greensboro Hilton Sunday night ?

The storm reached blizzard proportions Sunday night when winds reached 35 miles per hour.

On Sunday nights she returned to the room where Miriam and the baby lived.

Barrett said he and his wife were watching a tape of the 49ers win over the Falcons Sunday night .

The already cluttered resume of Magic Johnson grew a little longer Sunday night .

And they made enough big plays on their own Sunday night .

My own favorite involves the time I had to rent a tuxedo jacket for a Sunday night Tony Awards ceremony.


If Thursday night was all an act, then you best find the line for tickets.

Flood stage is 28 feet, and the river was at 27.37 feet Thursday night .

Barry, who was not available for comment Thursday night , has never been a favorite of congressional Republicans.

Two people remained hospitalized Thursday night .

Federal authorities said Thursday night they were concerned that more letter bombs could be circulating in the postal system.

Pull on those Rockports and head downtown for another Thursday night Art Walk.

If a Game 7 is necessary, it will be played Thursday night .


The company had taken off for London on a Sunday at noon, arriving Monday at noon for a Tuesday night opening.

These are the Celtics who have turned the stomachs of their loyalists greener than the jerseys they were wearing wearing Tuesday night .

The cause of the accident was still unclear Tuesday night .

Only Tuesday night did campaign sources reveal that he would relinquish the day-to-day duties of the leadership post.

The Senate approved Mr Johnson by a unanimous voice vote late Tuesday night .

Never, however, has so little happened inside the 5-year-old building as occurred Tuesday night .

The 1-5 Warriors skittered around energetically in Seattle Tuesday night .

So who had the chalk outline around their corpse on Tuesday night ?


The sadistic gang appeared to have held a party in the zoo grounds late on Wednesday night .

She had been sitting in the first row near center ice Wednesday night when the accident occurred.

Faced with few options, the City Council unanimously agreed to the upgrade Wednesday night .

The power was on self-congratulatory display Wednesday night on the White House south lawn.

On Wednesday night , Alou insisted he would play Friday.

Both Dole and Kemp will be officially nominated Wednesday night and will deliver their acceptance speeches Thursday night.



The trade here is of a more usual nature with the pubs open to 11 at night .

Bord and Clarke teased in a giddy opening night telegram.

But there were no complaints from the capacity crowd at Darlington Civic Theatre on opening night .

Suffocating and wants doors and windows open at night .

He was sidelined by a groin strain throughout much of training camp but was ready to play by opening night .

Anyway, opens first night - this mind-reader comes on - audience really gives him the bird.

The fans will be muffled, or the old spots will be reinstalled, by opening night .


How anyone can tax ill people and sleep at night is beyond me.

She would cry herself to sleep at night .

Marie had slept well last night: there had been no dreams of violence.

To improve your chances of sleeping through the night , lower the heat and try running a humidifier during the night.

She was very overactive and had not slept for three nights .

I hope he can sleep at night , and that he trains those talents on something as large as he deserves.

I can't sleep at nights from thinking of those dreadful things you describe.

And they slept through the night .


Finally, operators recommend that motorhome clients spend their first night in a hotel or motel.

We tried to find one of his friends to spend the night , but they all had other plans.

He appeared before Teesside magistrates on Thursday after spending a night in a police cell.

C., said he spent three nights out of the house but has returned.

We had both spent three days and nights at the hospital the previous week.

He spent many nights sleeping in an open orchard in torrential rain until he located a small cave.

And even after we spent the night together you were still busy distrusting me.

Bumblebees tucking themselves into the fireweed blossoms to spend the night .


Book 14 days ahead and stay over a Saturday night .

Both cities were bombarded by aerial sprayers; residents were advised to stay indoors at night .

A Mr Crump stayed here last night , a Liverpool merchant.

Everyone knows that you get a lower air fare if you stay over a Saturday night .

Des Etrangers A complimentary bottle of Spumante for all guests staying 14 nights .

But not a one of them was able to stay awake through the night , so they all were beheaded.

Wolfenstein is so addictive you will probably attempt to play it to a conclusion by staying up all night .

Davis now plans to reopen it Friday and stay open all night , defying county officials and the sheriff's lawyers.


a sleepless night

After a sleepless night Stavrogin sets forth.

He'd had a sleepless night thinking over how badly things had gone.

He lives with them every day, and sweats them out on many a sleepless night.

His eyes were red-rimmed, their gilded brightness dulled from a sleepless night, and perhaps also from weeping.

His social conscience, dulled by a sleepless night, was now barely alive.

She couldn't even feel resentful that he slept so peacefully after she had suffered a sleepless night of angst.

She had plenty of time to think it over during a sleepless night, and on the train in the morning.

The four travellers passed a sleepless night, each thinking of the gift Oz had promised to bestow on him.

an early night

Below once more, with everything as secure as she could make it, she decided she might as well have an early night.

Cancel any evening plans - have an early night.

Everyone is contemplating an early night - it has been a long day, one of the busiest for a while.

He himself had drunk one quick light beer before excusing himself for an early night.

I should have left you to fix your light snack and have an early night.

I was planning on an early night.

In any case, after dinner you will need an early night.

She tidied up the sitting-room, promising herself an early night with a book.

by day/night

As the war proceeded, however, several started operating by night and with all the lights blacked out.

At my home in Tucson, summer days that reach I1O0F may be followed by nights that drop to 700F.

He slept more than any other president, whether by day or by night.

Look at the teamster on the highway, wending to market by day or night; does any divinity stir within him?

On the Earth there is regularly more evaporation - effusions of water vapour from the surface - by day than by night.

The legend concerns three builders of a castle who found that the work they did by day was undone by night.

Very often bream have remarkably fixed movements and follow the same watery paths day by day.

filthy weather/night/day

It looked like being a filthy night.

it'll be all right on the night

last thing (at night)

Take a couple of these pills last thing at night to help you get to sleep.

I agree with that last thing.

It was the last thing he wanted to do.

The last thing he said to me last night: I still want that money.

The last thing Republicans need is a nominee who runs from the Republican House, who is defensive about their agenda.

The last thing she felt, apart from the pain, was surprise.

The last thing that I want to do is stray out of order.

The last thing you need is confusion over that.

Working is the last thing on their minds.

make a day/night/evening of it

Why don't you make a day of it and have lunch with us?

I had known Sophie for about three months by then, and she insisted on making an evening of it.

Imagine how lovely it would be - you could take the whole family and make a day of it.

They make a day of it, tailgating before the game and, weather permitting, after it, too.

morning, noon, and night

I've been going to meetings morning , noon, and night lately.

night and day

My next door neighbor's dog barks day and night.

Does that thing play night and day , Harding?

Even those who live in the City must wear spectacles night and day .

He is sleepless, crying out night and day .

I had to be at his beck and call, night and day .

Leave pumped water to run night and day to increase oxygen content; add more water if needed.

Seizing upon this opportunity, the Santanistas worked night and day to undermine the Herrera administration.

She drove me crazy, night and day , she wanted sneakers, she wanted sneakers.

The only way into his protective case was through a little trap door he kept locked night and day .

night/darkness/dusk falls

The lights came on as darkness fell on the city.

And this becomes more intense as night falls .

As darkness falls an eerie voice Whines beware, beware, beware.

As darkness falls the immortal sounds of John Hurley will be heard in the upstairs Bar.

As dusk falls crowds of people walk towards the town to meet the tanker.

As night falls the houses light up one by one, and smugglers move stealthily about in the moonlight.

As night falls , the scene changes.

As night falls , there are nightclubs and discos for those with lots of energy left.

I drain it, pack my bags, close off the propane, and before dusk falls reluctantly board up the cabin.

restless night

Another restless night followed, but she determinedly settled down to work again the next morning.

I'd had quite a restless night, and breakfast didn't look appetizing.

After a restless night, she tried again next morning, but with no more success.

After such a restless night, no doubt arguments were inevitable.

Her sleepless, restless night seemed a long way off.

Hopefully Bill Gates will have a few restless nights too.

I had quite a restless night, and did not really fancy the tea I was brought in the morning.

She had a restless night and is finding it difficult to sleep because of the memories of the attack.

Sir John had spent a restless night, tossing from side to side in his great double bed.

Something of the atmosphere in Roxie Farmer's house seemed to go home with Coffin and give him a restless night.

rough night

Sounds as if he had a rough night trying to keep pace with his hosts, poor fellow!

They had a rough night last night.

spend the night (at sth)

At best, the staff may be invited to spend the night, but all facilities must be tested.

Jones received medical attention on the canvas and spent the night in hospital for observation.

Perhaps they're going to spend the night on the mountain.

She had taken it for granted that they would spend the night in Denver.

Wan na spend the night at my house?

When Hakuhinkan finally said it would have some this morning, she and Tanaka spent the night on the sidewalk.

Yet I also felt very fearful: I was a cosmos that had nowhere to spend the night.

spend the night with sb

He wanted to spend the night with his family.

How could I have expected to spend the night with a woman?

Just after Christmas she had travelled up to Birmingham after work one evening, to spend the night with him.

She's going to spend the night with me.

Sonya had asked me to come back to spend the night with her.

Twice Ferdinando had come down to spend the night with her and twice she had refused him without offering any adequate reason.

We were headed for Taylorstown, five miles away, to spend the night with Uncle Miller.

the dead of night/winter

Even in the dead of night this was Frankie's house.

I felt as if I had been violated in the dead of night.

My house feels solid and safe and orderly; hyacinths and narcissus bloom indoors here even in the dead of winter.

People moving about in the dead of night, poisons being administered in a locked room.

Purple coneflower, a favored plant of summer, finds a second season in the dead of winter.

She imagined Anastasia, Peace and Calm meeting in the dead of night to plan just this scene between them.

The brave soldier was alone but stood his ground after confronting the men in the dead of night.

The gangs carry out their raids in the dead of night, kitted out with night-sights and camouflage gear.

the still of the night/evening etc

No longer are her anxious snorts heard in the still of the night.

under (the) cover of darkness/night

Kawaja fueled speculation by publicly suggesting that barrels of the by-product were shipped out under cover of night.

Later, under cover of darkness, they crept into the house, where Charles hid for the night in the attic.

Locals under the cover of darkness.

Several of us ducked out under cover of darkness, even as others arrived.

The actual emergence usually takes place under cover of darkness.

They would exit under cover of darkness at one of numerous drop-zones fifty kilometres from the vast sprawl of Sagramaso City.

They would pull out under cover of darkness.


a cold night

It was on the evening news a couple of nights ago.


At night the ground is cold: -8C.

At night , too, it is almost silent.

Every other night he wet his bed, and he argued with Clarisa almost constantly.

From that night on, we were more and more successful.

From that night their courtship had been her life.

One night , I was taken there.

Stay in a superior room with flowers and champagne on arrival at a supplement of £35 per person per night .

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