Meaning of NIGHT in English


night S1 W1 /naɪt/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable and countable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ night , ↑ midnight , ↑ nightie ; adverb : ↑ overnight , ↑ nightly ; adjective : ↑ nightly , ↑ overnight ]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: niht ]

1 . WHEN IT IS DARK the dark part of each 24-hour period when the sun cannot be seen and when most people sleep OPP day :

It was a cold moonlit night.

I didn’t sleep too well last night.

at night

At night the temperature drops below zero.

in/during the night

He woke up twice during the night.

by night

Many animals hunt by night.

(on) Friday night/that night etc

There was a storm on Friday night.


Use at night when talking about what generally or regularly happens then:

The noise of the traffic keeps me awake at night.

Use in the night when talking about an event that happens at some time during the night:

There had been heavy rain in the night.

Use by night to say what a person or animal does at night:

We travelled by night.

When you are mentioning a time before midnight, use at night :

ten o'clock at night

When you are mentioning a time after midnight, use in the morning :

four in the morning

2 . EVENING the time during the evening until you go to bed:

We had a really good meal last night.

They stay in and watch television every night.

She recognised him from the night before (=the previous evening) .

My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night.

Friday/Saturday etc night

There’s a party at Ben’s place on Saturday night.

We were on our way back from a night out (=an evening when you go to a party, restaurant, theatre etc) at the theatre.

Anna doesn’t like him walking home late at night.

quiz night/student night etc (=an evening when a particular event happens, especially at a bar, club etc)

3 . nights if you do something nights, you do it regularly or often at night:

I work nights, so I’m usually asleep during the day.

4 . night! spoken used to say goodbye to someone when it is late in the evening or when they are going to bed SYN good night :

Night! See you tomorrow!

5 . night night! spoken used to say goodbye to someone, especially a child, when they are going to bed

6 . night and day/day and night all the time:

The store is guarded day and night.

We had to work night and day to get it finished.

7 . night or day/day or night at any time:

You can call me any time, night or day.

8 . night after night every night for a long period:

He’s out drinking night after night.

9 . first night/opening night the first performance of a play or show ⇨ premiere :

We saw ‘Riverdance’ on its opening night.

10 . spend the night with somebody/spend the night together to sleep with someone and have sex with them:

And you thought we spent the night together?

11 . a good night’s sleep a night when you sleep well:

You’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.

12 . (have a) late/early night to go to bed later or earlier than usual:

I think I’ll have an early night.

⇨ ↑ late-night

13 . last thing at night at the end of the day, just before you go to bed:

You should water plants either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

⇨ ↑ nightly

• • •



▪ last night

It rained last night.

▪ tomorrow night

I should be back by tomorrow night.

▪ Friday/Saturday etc night

I haven't seen him since Thursday night.

▪ an early night (=when you go to bed early)

I'm really tired - I need an early night.

▪ a late night (=when you go to bed late)

We had a late night last night.

▪ a long night (=a night when you do not sleep or you work hard)

Everyone was tired and grumpy. It had been a long night.

▪ a sleepless night

She had spent a sleepless night wondering what to do.

■ verbs

▪ spend a night somewhere (=sleep somewhere)

We spent two nights at the Grand Hotel.

▪ stay the night (=sleep at someone's house)

You're welcome to stay the night if you like.

▪ have a bad night (=not sleep well, especially when you are ill)

I had a bad night last night.

▪ night falls written (=it starts to become dark)

It grew colder as night fell.

▪ the night wears on (=continues)

The pain gradually got better as the night wore on.

■ night + NOUN

▪ the night sky

We looked up at the stars in the night sky.

▪ the night air

The night air was scented with pine wood.

▪ a night train/bus/flight

I took the night train to Fort William.

■ phrases

▪ all night

He looked as if he'd been up all night.

▪ all night long (=used to emphasize that something continues for the whole night)

The noise continued all night long!

▪ late at night

We often get to bed very late at night.

▪ at this time of night (=used when something happens very late at night, and you are surprised)

Why are you calling me at this time of night?

▪ late/far into the night (=until very late at night)

Staff worked late into the night to make necessary repairs.

▪ in the middle of the night

She woke up suddenly in the middle of the night.

▪ in/at the dead of night literary (=in the middle of the night when it is quiet)

He drove through the countryside in the dead of night.

▪ day and night/night and day (=all the time)

The phones rang day and night.

▪ morning, noon, and night (=all the time)

She nagged at him morning, noon, and night.

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