Meaning of NIGHT in English

/ naɪt; NAmE / noun [ U , C ]


the time between one day and the next when it is dark, when people usually sleep :

These animals only come out at night .

They sleep by day and hunt by night .

The accident happened on Friday night.

on the night of 10 January / January 10

Did you hear the storm last night ?

I lay awake all night .

Where did you spend the night ?

You're welcome to stay the night here.

What is he doing calling at this time of night ?

You'll feel better after you've had a good night's sleep .

The trip was for ten nights.

The hotel costs €65 per person per night .

the night train / boat / flight

Night fell (= it became dark) .


the evening until you go to bed :

Let's go out on Saturday night .

Bill's parents came for dinner last night .

She doesn't like to walk home late at night .

I saw her in town the other night (= a few nights ago) .

I'm working late tomorrow night .

—see also goodnight


an evening when a special event happens :

the first / opening night (= of a play, film / movie, etc.)

a karaoke night

an Irish / Scottish, etc. night (= with Irish / Scottish music, entertainment, etc.)

—see also stag night

►  nights adverb ( especially NAmE ):

He can't get used to working nights (= at night) .


- have an early / a late night

- have a good / bad night

- have a night on the tiles

- night and day | day and night

- night night

- a night out

—more at all right adjective , dance verb , dead noun , morning , spend verb , still noun , thing



Old English neaht , niht , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nacht and German Nacht , from an Indo-European root shared by Latin nox and Greek nux .

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