Meaning of PICTURE in English


(REPRESENTATION) [noun] [C] - a representation of (someone or something) produced by drawing, painting or taking a photographThere was a large picture of Venice on the wall by the door.He drew/painted a picture of my dog as a birthday present.Would you like to see the wedding pictures (= photographs)?We took a picture of (= photographed) the children on their new bicycles.I hate having my picture taken (= being photographed).See picture: Living roomA picture is also an image seen on a television or cinema screen.We can't get a clear picture.If you look carefully, you'll see the car appear to the left of the picture.The pictures of the earthquake damage were distressing.Here are the satellite pictures of the weather that's on its way. A picture is also something you produce in your mind, by using your imagination or memory.I have a very vivid picture of the first time I met her.All the people were asked to form a mental picture of the man who had been described and then to match it to photographs.The flowers are blooming and our garden looks as pretty as a picture (= extremely pretty).(UK) If someone's face is a picture, they look very surprised or angry.Her face was a picture when I told her who I'd met.(UK) If something is a picture, it is beautiful.When we visited the garden, the roses were a picture.The bride was a picture in her delicate lacy dress.If you describe someone as a picture of something, you mean that they give a very clear appearance of it.He sat with his head in his hands, a picture of misery.The puppies were the very picture of health.A picture book is a book, esp. for young children, which has a lot of pictures and not many words.A picture frame is a frame into which a picture fits, or any structure which is designed to hold a picture.a large gilt picture frameA picture postcard is a postcard with a picture, usually a photograph of a place, on one side.Something described as picture-postcard is very attractive, in a slightly artificial way.a picture-postcard cottage/villageA picture window is a large window, esp. in a house or hotel, positioned so that you can see an attractive view.The upstairs room had a large picture window looking out over the valley.(saying) 'Every picture tells a story'.

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