Meaning of PICTURE in English


n. 1 drawing, painting, representation, portrait, depiction, artwork, illustration, sketch, photograph Here is a picture of our cottage in the Cotswolds 2 image, (perfect or exact) likeness, (carbon) copy, double, duplicate, twin, (exact) replica, look-alike, facsimile, Colloq spitting image or spit and image, Slang (dead) ringer Isn't she just the picture of her mother? 3 impression, idea, notion, understanding, image I think I have a pretty good picture of the situation 4 model, prototype, epitome, essence, embodiment, incarnation, personification, perfect example From her autobiography, you might believe her to be the picture of sweet innocence 5 put (someone) in or into the picture. inform or advise fully, Colloq fill (someone) in Put me into the picture about what went on here last night

v. 6 envision, envisage, visualize, imagine, fancy, conceive of, see in the mind's eye Picture yourself lying on a beach in the Bahamas 7 depict, draw, portray, paint, represent, show, illustrate, display In this fresco, Salome is pictured dancing before Herod Antipas

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