Meaning of PICTURE in English



1. a picture that you paint or draw

2. a humorous drawing

3. a photograph

4. what you see in a mirror, on a screen, or on water

5. the front or back of a picture


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1. a picture that you paint or draw

▷ picture /ˈpɪktʃəʳ/ [countable noun]

a painting or drawing :

▪ Van Gogh’s "Sunflowers’ is one of the most famous pictures in the world.

▪ an early picture by the French Impressionist painter Claude Monet

picture of

▪ There was a picture of a windmill on the bedroom wall.

somebody’s picture

a painting or drawing of someone

▪ The house belonged to the Duke of Wellington, and his picture hangs in the hall.

draw/paint a picture

▪ I didn’t know the word in Japanese so I drew a little picture.

do a picture

spoken draw or paint a picture

▪ Daisy did a lovely picture of a cat at school today.

▷ painting /ˈpeɪntɪŋ/ [countable noun]

a picture that someone has painted :

▪ an exhibition of paintings by French artists

▪ The museum has an impressive collection of early 20th century American paintings.

painting of

▪ a painting of the Grand Canal in Venice by Canaletto

▪ Gaugin is famous for his paintings of native women on the Pacific island of Tahiti.

do a painting

▪ Dali did several paintings of his wife.

▷ drawing /ˈdrɔːɪŋ/ [countable noun]

a picture that has been drawn using a pen or pencil :

▪ The classroom was bright and cheerful, with childrens’ drawings on the walls.

drawing of

▪ On the wall was a drawing of a woman’s head by Matisse.

do a drawing

▪ Degas did a series of drawings of dancers at the ballet school in Paris.

▷ sketch /sketʃ/ [countable noun]

a picture consisting of a few lines drawn quickly with a pen or pencil :

sketch of

▪ I thought your sketches of the garden were very attractive.

do/make a sketch

▪ The architect did a sketch of how the building will look when it’s finished.

quick/rough sketch

a sketch done very quickly

▪ Gabriella did a quick sketch of her baby daughter.

▷ illustration /ˌɪləˈstreɪʃ ə n/ [countable noun]

a picture in a book, which shows people or events that have been mentioned in the book :

▪ The new encyclopedia is full of color illustrations and photographs.

▪ Who did the illustrations for the book? They’re lovely.

▷ poster /ˈpəʊstəʳ/ [countable noun]

a very large picture or photograph printed on paper, which you put on a wall for decoration :

poster of

▪ Anna’s bedroom wall was covered in posters of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

▷ portrait /ˈpɔːʳtrɪt, ˈpɔːʳtrət/ [countable noun]

a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person :

portrait of

▪ A full-length portrait of the Queen hung on the wall.

paint a portrait

▪ The artist Hans Holbein was best known for painting portraits.


a picture of the artist done by the artist

▪ Rembrandt’s ‘Self-portrait with feather in cap’

▪ A series of 43 self-portraits by Greek-born American Lucas Samaras (b. 1936) have been donated to the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

▷ landscape /ˈlændskeɪp/ [countable noun]

a painting or photograph showing an area of countryside :

▪ ‘What kind of photographs do you take?’ ‘Mostly landscapes, and some portraits.’

landscape painter/artist/photographer

▪ Constable is probably England’s most famous landscape artist.

▷ study /ˈstʌdi/ [countable noun]

a small detailed drawing, especially one which is done in order to prepare for a larger picture, or as part of a series of drawings of the same kind of subject :

study of

▪ Renoir did several studies of small plants and flowers.

study for

▪ The exhibition includes a series of studies by Picasso for his painting Guernica.

▷ nude /njuːdǁnuːd/ [countable noun]

a picture of someone without any clothes on :

▪ To be honest, I prefer his flower pictures to his nudes.

▪ a nude by Picasso

2. a humorous drawing

▷ cartoon /kɑːʳˈtuːn/ [countable noun]

a humorous drawing, especially in a newspaper or a magazine, often with a joke written under it :

▪ The cartoon shows a group of elephants trying to get into a phone-box.

▪ a satirical cartoon that appears in the Washington Post

▷ caricature /ˈkærɪkətʃʊəʳ/ [countable noun]

a humorous drawing that makes certain parts of people’s faces or bodies seem larger or stranger than they really are, in order to make them look funny :

▪ We had our caricatures drawn by a street artist while we were on vacation in Turkey.

caricature of

▪ Politicians are used to having caricatures of themselves printed in newspapers.

3. a photograph

▷ photograph /ˈfəʊtəgrɑːfǁ-græf/ [countable noun]

a picture made using a camera :

photograph of

▪ Ansel Adams’ photographs of the American wilderness are now worth thousands of dollars.

take a photograph

▪ Visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the Museum.

▪ My camera’s fully automatic and takes really good photographs.

somebody’s photograph

a photograph of someone

▪ I hate having my photograph taken.

wedding/passport/ graduation etc photograph

▪ The photographer asked all the guests to stand still and pose for the wedding photograph.

▷ photo/picture /ˈfəʊtəʊ, ˈpɪktʃəʳ/ [countable noun]

a photograph - use this especially when you are talking about photographs of you, your friends, your family, places you have visited etc :

▪ Karen showed me a picture of her new boyfriend -- he’s very good-looking!

take a photo/picture

▪ Did you take any good photos while you were in Paris?

somebody’s photo/picture

a photo or picture of someone

▪ Do you want me to take your photo?

▪ I saw her picture in the paper the other day.

▷ snap especially British /snapshot especially American /snæp, ˈsnæpʃɒtǁ-ʃɑːt/ [countable noun] informal

a photograph which you take yourself, for example of your family or on holiday, not one that is taken by a professional photographer :

▪ They’re just snapshots, but some of them are really good.

take a snap/snapshot

▪ Did you take any snaps in Greece?

snap of

▪ She showed me a snapshot of her three children.

holiday snaps


▪ Patrick was showing his holiday snaps to everyone in the office.

▷ shot /ʃɒtǁʃɑːt/ [countable noun]

a photograph that you take for a specific purpose, often one that you have to go to a particular place in order to take :

▪ I got some great shots of Mount Fuji with the sun setting behind it.

take a shot

▪ The cars went past so quickly that she only had time to take a couple of shots.

▷ mug shot /ˈmʌg ʃɒtǁ-ʃɑːt/ [countable noun] informal

a photograph of a criminal’s face, taken by the police :

▪ The police showed me some mug shots, and I had to say if any of them looked like the man who attacked me.

▷ photography /fəˈtɒgrəfiǁ-ˈtɑː-/ [uncountable noun]

the art or profession of taking photographs :

▪ Chris is studying photography at night school.

▪ an exhibition of Irwin Penn’s renowned fashion photography for Vogue magazine

4. what you see in a mirror, on a screen, or on water

▷ image /ˈɪmɪdʒ/ [countable noun]

a picture on the screen of a television, cinema, or computer :

▪ The images on a computer screen are made up of thousands of tiny dots.

▪ the flickering images of an old silent movie

▪ The digitized images can be stored on a computer hard disk, or printed out on special photographic paper.

▷ reflection /rɪˈflekʃ ə n/ [countable noun]

what you see when you look in a mirror or at the surface of water :

▪ Anna stood looking at her reflection in the mirror.

▪ the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake

5. the front or back of a picture

▷ foreground /ˈfɔːʳgraʊnd/ [countable noun usually singular]

the nearest part of a scene in a picture or photograph :

in the foreground

▪ In the foreground of the picture is a man with a black beard, dressed in rough workingman’s clothes and a hat.

▷ background /ˈbækgraʊnd/ [countable noun usually singular]

the area behind something or someone in a picture or photograph :

in the background

▪ It was a photo of everyone in my class, with the school building in the background.

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