Meaning of PIECE in English

(ITEM) [noun] [C] - a single item which is one of other similar itemsa piece of furniture/clothing/equipmenta piece (= whole sheet) of papera piece of (= an item made of) chinaa piece of jewellerya piece of legislationa piece of softwarea piece of information/advicea piece of evidenceYou can only take one piece of baggage with you onto the plane.A piece can be something which has been created by someone such as an artist, writer or musician.an orchestral/piano/instrumental piecea descriptive piece of writing an autobiographical piecea dramatic piece of theatrea skilful piece of work/researchA piece is also a single item which forms part of a set.a chess pieceA piece is also a coin, of which the value is usually stated.The figure of Britannia appears on 50 pence pieces.Could you swap me a 20p piece for two tens?In the past pieces of eight were gold coins.(slang) Piece of skirt/tail/(esp. US) ass is used to refer to a woman as a sexually attractive object.That Carol Ann sure is some piece of ass! -piece [suffix]a five-piece band (= with five players)a four-piece set of saucepansa 36-piece dinner servicea one-piece/two-piece swimsuit

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