Meaning of PIECE in English


Pronunciation: ' p ē s

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *pettia, of Gaulish origin; akin to W peth thing

Date: 13th century

1 : a part of a whole: as a : FRAGMENT < piece s of broken glass> b : any of the individual members comprising a unit ― often used in combination <a five- piece band> <a three- piece suit> c : PORTION , ALLOCATION <a piece of the jackpot>

2 : an object or individual regarded as a unit of a kind or class <a piece of fruit>

3 : a usually unspecified distance <down the road a piece >

4 : a standard quantity (as of length, weight, or size) in which something is made or sold

5 : a literary, journalistic, artistic, dramatic, or musical composition


7 : COIN also : TOKEN

8 : a movable object used in playing a board game specifically : a chessman other than a pawn

9 : OPINION , VIEW <spoke his piece >

10 a usually vulgar : an act of copulation b usually vulgar : the female partner in sexual intercourse

11 : INSTANCE , EXAMPLE <silly piece of nonsense> <a nice piece of acting>

synonyms see PART

– of a piece : ALIKE , CONSISTENT

– piece of one's mind : a severe scolding : TONGUE-LASHING

– piece of the action : a share in activity or profit

– to pieces

1 : without reserve or restraint : COMPLETELY

2 : into fragments also : into component parts

3 : out of control <went to pieces from shock>

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