Meaning of PUSH in English

(PERSUADE FORCEFULLY) [verb] [T] - forcefully to persuade or direct (someone to do or achieve something)She said that she thought it was better for children to be allowed to learn at their own pace, rather than being pushed.Her parents pushed her into marrying him when she didn't really want to.The school manages to push most of its students through their exams.If we want an answer from them by Friday, I think we're going to have to push them for it. [T]We had to push them to accept our terms, but they finally agreed to the deal. [+ object + to infinitive]When I pushed him (= asked him for more information), he admitted that he hadn't actually seen what had happened.You'll never be successful if you don't push yourself (= work) harder.People also sometimes say "don't push yourself" to someone who is being lazy or not being helpful."I've finished reading the paper now - is there anything you want me to do?" "Oh, don't push yourself." [T]

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