Meaning of EVEN in English


I. adjective


Synonyms: level , flat, flush, planate, plane, smooth

Contrasted words: bent, crooked, curved, twisted

Antonyms: uneven


Synonyms: steady 2, constant, equable, stabile, stable, unchanging, unfluctuating, uniform, unvarying

Related Word: equal, identical, same; consistent, continual, continuous, undeviating, unvaried


giving no advantage to either side

an even exchange

Synonyms: equal, equitable, fair

Related Word: balanced, fair and square, square; honest, straightforward, unprejudiced

Contrasted words: inequitable, unequal, unfair

Antonyms: uneven


being nicely in balance

his chances for success or failure are even

Synonyms: equal, even-up, fifty-fifty

Related Word: balanced, comparable, proportionate

Contrasted words: disproportionate, unbalanced

Antonyms: uneven


being neither more nor less than the named or understood amount, extent, or number

an even mile

Synonyms: exact, square

Contrasted words: approximate, imprecise, inaccurate

II. adverb


in a like manner

they can learn even as others do

Synonyms: as well, exactly, expressly, just, precisely


at the very time

perhaps even now the moment has come to consider a retreat

Synonyms: already


not this merely but also -- used as an intensive to emphasize the identity or character of something

a huge, even monstrous animal

Synonyms: indeed, nay, truly, verily, yea

Related Word: absolutely, positively; quite, really


-- used as an intensive to indicate an extreme, hypothetical, or unlikely case or instance

refused even to look at her

even if this were so, it should not change our plans

Synonyms: so much as

Idioms: even so much as


Synonyms: yet 1, still

III. verb


to make (as a surface) smooth, even, level, or flat

even the soil with a spade

Synonyms: flatten, flush, lay, level, plane, smooth, smoothen

Related Word: grade, roll; align; symmetrize; uniform; pancake

Contrasted words: rough, roughen


to make even or balanced in advantage

hoped to even the odds by training

Synonyms: equal, equalize

Related Word: balance, square

Contrasted words: unbalance, unequalize, upset; derange, disarrange


Synonyms: equalize 1, equate

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