Meaning of EVEN in English

1. adj., adv., & v.

--adj. (evener, evenest)

1. level; flat and smooth.

2 a uniform in quality; constant. b equal in number or amount or value etc. c equally balanced.

3 (usu. foll. by with) in the same plane or line.

4 (of a person's temper etc.) equable, calm.

5 a (of a number such as 4, 6) divisible by two without a remainder. b bearing such a number (no parking on even dates). c not involving fractions; exact (in even dozens).


1. used to invite comparison of the stated assertion, negation, etc., with an implied one that is less strong or remarkable (never even opened

Etymology: let alone read the letter; does he even suspect

Etymology: not to say realize the danger?; ran even faster

Etymology: not just as fast as before ; even if my watch is right we shall be late

Etymology: later if it is slow ).

2 used to introduce an extreme case (even you must realize it; it might even cost {pound}100).


1. tr. & intr. (often foll. by up) make or become even.

2 tr. (often foll. by to) archaic treat as equal or comparable.

Phrases and idioms:

even as at the very moment that. even break colloq. an equal chance. even chance an equal chance of success or failure. even money

1. betting odds offering the gambler the chance of winning the amount he or she staked.

2 equally likely to happen or not (it's even money he'll fail to arrive).

even now

1. now as well as before.

2 at this very moment.

even so

1. notwithstanding that; nevertheless.

2 quite so.

3 in that case as well as in others. get (or be) even with have one's revenge on. of even date Law & Commerce of the same date.

on an even keel

1. (of a ship or aircraft) not listing.

2 (of a plan or person) untroubled.


evenly adv. evenness n.

Etymology: OE efen, efne 2. n. poet. evening.

Etymology: OE {aelig}fen

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