Meaning of EVEN in English

adj. 1 smooth, flat, plane, level, regular, uniform, flush, straight, true Sand the edges till they are even 2 Sometimes, even with. level or uniform (with), coextensive (with), flush (with), parallel (with or to) Make sure that the lines at the bottom of the columns are even Is that board even with the others? 3 steady, regular, consistent, constant, uniform, unvaried, unvarying, methodical, unchanging, set, equable, stable, measured, metrical, rhythmical, orderly, ordered, monotonous, unbroken, uninterrupted We walked along at an even pace 4 even-tempered, calm, equable, composed, placid, serene, peaceful, cool, tranquil, unruffled, imperturbable, undisturbed, impassive, steady, temperate, equanimous, self-possessed, sober, staid, sedate, sober-sided People of even disposition are unexcited, unexcitable, and unexciting 5 balanced, equal, the same, identical, coequal, level, drawn, on a par, tied, neck and neck; equivalent, Colloq fifty-fifty, Brit level pegging, US even Steven At half-time the scores were even I have an even chance of getting the job. 6 square, quits, equal If I pay for this round, we'll be even 7 fair (and square), square, impartial, disinterested, neutral, just, even-handed, equitable, straightforward, on the level, honest, upright, unbiased, unprejudiced See that you make an even distribution of the food parcels 8 exact, precise, round, rounded off or out or up or down The bill came to an even fifty pounds 9 get even (with). repay, revenge oneself (on), even or settle accounts or the score (with), requite, reciprocate, retaliate, be revenged I'll get even with her for telling my mother Whenever he feels that he's been insulted, he wants to get even.

adv. 10 still, yet; all the (more), indeed, (more) than ever He is even dumber than I thought He is in debt to everyone, even his daughter. 11 Sometimes, even with or though. notwithstanding, despite, in spite of, disregarding Even with delays, we arrived on time 12 even so. nevertheless, nonetheless, still, yet, notwithstanding, all the same, in spite of that, despite that He refused to attend; even so, we sent him an invitation

v. 13 Usually, even up or out. smooth, flatten, level, equalize; align This road will be fine when they even out the bumps 14 even out or up. equalize, balance (out), settle; compensate Unfortunately, our profits and our expenses evened out

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