Meaning of EXERCISE in English


I. noun


the act of bringing into play or realizing in action

one can usually avoid accidents by the exercise of foresight

Synonyms: application, employment, exercising, exertion, operation, use; compare use 1

Contrasted words: dereliction, disregard, neglect; carelessness, heedlessness, inattention, laxity


regular or repeated appropriate use of a faculty, power, or bodily organ

muscular atrophy from lack of exercise

Synonyms: activity, exercising, exertion

Related Word: action, movement; practice, use, workout

Contrasted words: inactiveness, inactivity; idleness, unemployment


something practiced or performed in order to develop, improve, or display a specific power or skill

spelling exercises

Synonyms: drill, drilling, practice


a performance having a strongly marked secondary or ulterior aspect

his writing is an exercise in confusion

Synonyms: lesson, study

II. verb


Synonyms: use 2, apply, bestow, employ, exploit, handle, utilize

Idioms: put into practice


Synonyms: exert , ply, put out, throw, wield


to use repeatedly in order to master or strengthen

beginning swimmers exercising their new skill

games that exercise the muscles

Synonyms: drill, practice, rehearse

Related Word: break in, condition, groom, prepare, train; cultivate, develop, foster, improve; fix, set


Synonyms: annoy 1, abrade, bother, ||bug, chafe, fret, gall, irk, provoke, vex

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