Meaning of EXERCISE in English


n. & v.


1. activity requiring physical effort, done esp. as training or to sustain or improve health.

2 mental or spiritual activity, esp. as practice to develop a skill.

3 (often in pl.) a particular task or set of tasks devised as exercise, practice in a technique, etc.

4 a the use or application of a mental faculty, right, etc. b practice of an ability, quality, etc.

5 (often in pl.) military drill or manoeuvres.

6 (foll. by in) a process directed at or concerned with something specified (was an exercise in public relations).


1. tr. use or apply (a faculty, right, influence, restraint, etc.).

2 tr. perform (a function).

3 a intr. take (esp. physical) exercise; do exercises. b tr. provide (an animal) with exercise. c tr. train (a person).

4 tr. a tax the powers of. b perplex, worry.

Phrases and idioms:

exercise book

1. a book containing exercises.

2 a book for writing school work, notes, etc., in.


exercisable adj. exerciser n.

Etymology: ME f. OF exercice f. L exercitium f. exercere exercit- keep at work (as EX-(1), arcere restrain)

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