Meaning of CLEAR in English

n. Function: adjective


Synonyms: FAIR 2, clarion, cloudless, fine, pleasant, rainless, sunny, sunshiny, unclouded, undarkened


Synonyms: TRANSPARENT 1, limpid, pellucid, see-through, translucent


Synonyms: TRANSLUCENT 3, tralucent, translucid, transparent

Related Words: milky, opalescent

4 free from obscurity or ambiguity FF1C; his account of the accident was perfectly clear FF1E;

Synonyms: clear-cut, crystal, lucent, lucid, luculent, luminous, pellucid, perspicuous, translucent, transparent, transpicuous, unambiguous, unblurred; compare UNDERSTANDABLE

Related Words: apprehensible, comprehensible, graspable, knowable, understandable; plain, simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, unperplexed; defined, definite

Idioms: clear as day ( or crystal), plain as the nose on one's face

Contrasted Words: clouded, dark, mysterious, unclear; hazy, ill-defined, vague

Antonyms: obscure

5 readily perceived or apprehended FF1C; a clear case of embezzlement FF1E;

Synonyms: apparent, conspicuous, distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, open-and-shut, openhanded, palpable, patent, plain, straightforward, unambiguous, unequivocal, univocal, unmistakable; compare SELF-EXPLANATORY , UNDERSTANDABLE

Related Words: appreciable, perceptible, recognizable, sensible, tangible; overt, public, published, unhidden, unobscured; exact, precise

Contrasted Words: dim, dusky, gloomy, murky; cryptic, dark, enigmatic, equivocal, indistinct, vague; arcane, esoteric, mysterious, occult

Antonyms: obscure


Synonyms: EMPTY 1, bare, stark, vacant, vacuous, void

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