Meaning of IRREGULAR in English


n. Function: adjective

1 not according with or explainable by law, rule, or custom FF1C; unusual problems require irregular solutions FF1E;

Synonyms: abnormal, anomalous, deviant, divergent, off-key, unnatural, unregular

Related Words: aberrant, atypical; exceptional, odd, peculiar, queer, singular, strange, unique

Contrasted Words: natural, normal, typical; accustomed, customary, habitual, usual, wonted

Antonyms: regular


Synonyms: INFORMAL 1, unceremonious, unofficial


Synonyms: LOPSIDED , asymmetric, disproportionate, nonsymmetrical, off-balance, overbalanced, unbalanced, unequal, uneven, unsymmetrical

Antonyms: regular


Synonyms: RANDOM , aimless, designless, desultory, haphazard, hit-or-miss, indiscriminate, purposeless, unaimed, unconsidered

Related Words: occasional, sporadic; erratic, fitful, spasmodic; inconstant, uneven, unsteady


Synonyms: SPOTTY 1, patchy, uneven

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