Meaning of IRREGULAR in English


[ir.reg.u.lar] adj [ME irreguler, fr. MF, fr. LL irregularis not in accordance with rule, fr. L in- + regularis regular] (14c) 1 a: not being or acting in accord with laws, rules, or established custom "~ conduct" b: not conforming to the usual pattern of inflection "~ verbs"; specif: strong 16 c: not following a usual or prescribed procedure; esp, Brit: celebrated without either proclamation of the banns or publication of intention to marry "~ marriage"

2: not belonging to or a part of a regular organized group; specif: not belonging to a regular army but raised for a special purpose "~ troops" 3 a: lacking perfect symmetry or evenness "an ~ coastline" b: zygomorphic "~ flowers"

4: lacking continuity or regularity esp. of occurrence or activity "~ employment" -- adv syn irregular, anomalous, unnatural mean not conforming to rule, law, or custom. irregular implies not conforming to a law or regulation imposed for the sake of uniformity in method, practice, or conduct "concerned about his irregular behavior". anomalous implies not conforming to what might be expected because of the class or type to which it belongs or the laws that govern its existence "her drive made her an anomalous figure in a sleepy organization". unnatural suggests what is contrary to nature or to principles or standards felt to be essential to the well-being of civilized society "prisoners treated with unnatural cruelty".

[2]irregular n (15c): one that is irregular: as a: a soldier who is not a member of a regular military force b pl: merchandise that has minor defects or that falls next below the manufacturer's standard for firsts

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