Meaning of IRREGULAR in English


I. (ˈ)i, ə, (ˈ)ir, (ˈ)iə+ adjective

Etymology: Middle English irreguler, from Middle French, from Late Latin irregularis, from Latin in- in- (I) + Late Latin regularis regular — more at regular

1. of a person

a. Roman Catholicism : prevented by an impediment or bar from receiving or exercising clerical orders or offices

b. : behaving without regard to established laws, customs, or moral principles

a wild irregular man in his youth

c. : not belonging to or not having satisfied the requirements of some particular group or organized body

an irregular physician


a. : failing to accord with what is usual, proper, accepted, or right

irregular conduct

: contrary to rule or custom

some of his documents were irregular

although it was irregular we accepted the excuse

b. of a word or inflection : not conforming to the normal or usual manner of inflection

sell, cast, feed are irregular verbs

specifically : strong 16a


(1) : improper or inadequate because of failure to conform to a prescribed course

(2) of a marriage under Eng or Scots law : celebrated without either proclamation of the banns or publication of intention to marry : clandestine

d. : not belonging to the regular army organization but raised for a special purpose

irregular troops are often used as independent commands to harass the enemy


a. : lacking perfect symmetry of form : not straight, smooth, even, regular

a rough irregular terrain

a long irregular coastline

irregular teeth

b. of a flower or its parts : lacking uniformity

an irregular corolla

specifically : zygomorphic


a. : lacking continuity or regularity of occurrence, activity, or function

irregular payments

irregular intervals

an irregular worker

b. of a physiological function : failing to occur at regular or normal intervals

irregular menstruation

have your bowels been irregular

c. of an individual : failing to defecate at such intervals

was constipated and very irregular

d. of a market : characterized by individual price movements in both directions without establishment of an overall trend

cotton futures were irregular

II. noun

: one that is irregular: as

a. : a soldier (as a guerrilla or partisan) who is not a member of a regular military force — usually used in plural

b. irregulars plural : merchandise that has imperfections or that falls below the manufacturer's usual standard or specifications and is usually sold unbranded and at a concession in price — compare second II 4

III. adjective

Etymology: New Latin Irregularia

: exocyclic

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