Meaning of IRREGULAR in English


I. adjective Etymology: Middle English irreguler, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin ~is not in accordance with rule, from Latin in- + regularis regular Date: 14th century 1. not being or acting in accord with laws, rules, or established custom , not conforming to the usual pattern of inflection , not following a usual or prescribed procedure, not belonging to or a part of a regular organized group, 3. lacking perfect symmetry or evenness , having one or more floral parts of the same whorl different in size, shape, or arrangement, lacking continuity or regularity especially of occurrence or activity , ~ly adverb Synonyms: see: ~ II. noun Date: 15th century one that is ~: as, a soldier who is not a member of a regular military force, merchandise that has minor defects or that falls next below the manufacturer's standard for firsts

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