Meaning of TRIAL in English


n. Function: noun

1 the state or fact of being tested (as by suffering) FF1C; the Vietnam war period was a time of great national trial FF1E;

Synonyms: affliction, calvary, cross, crucible, ordeal, tribulation, visitation

Related Words: agony, distress, misery, suffering; anguish, grief, heartbreak, sorrow, woe; adversity, misfortune; difficulty, hardship, rigor, vicissitude

Idioms: crown of thorns, fiery ordeal, trial and tribulation

2 a source of vexation or annoyance FF1C; living in a crowded hotel is a real trial FF1E;

Synonyms: care, trouble, worry

Related Words: complication, difficulty; annoyance, distress, misfortune; ordeal


Synonyms: EXPERIMENT , experimentation, test, trial and error, trial run


Synonyms: ATTEMPT , endeavor, essay, hassle, striving, struggle, try, undertaking

Merriam Webster. Collegiate thesaurus English dictionary.      Английский энциклопедический толковый словарь тезауруса.