Meaning of TRIAL in English


Synonyms and related words :

Olympic games, Olympics, R and D, acid test, adverse circumstances, adversity, affliction, aggravation, agony, anguish, annoyance, approach, arrangement, assay, assize, attempt, audition, bad luck, bad news, bane, basic training, bedevilment, bid, blank determination, blight, blue book, bore, bother, botheration, bothersomeness, bout, briefing, brouillon, bummer, calvary, care, change of venue, check, checking, clearing the decks, complication, concours, conditional, contest, control, control experiment, controlled experiment, court-martial, crack, crashing bore, criterion, cross, cross-examination, crown of thorns, crucial test, crucible, curse, cut and try, cut-and-try, deltoid, derby, determination, determined, devilment, difficulties, difficulty, distress, docimasy, dogging, downer, drag, dry run, dual, effort, empirical, empiricism, encounter, endeavor, engagement, enquiry, equipment, essay, exam, examen, examination, exasperation, experiment, experimental, experimental design, experimental method, experimental proof, experimentalism, experimentation, exploratory, familiarization, fan-shaped, feeling out, fiery ordeal, fight, final, final examination, first draft, fixing, fling, foundation, gambit, game, games, go, great go, grief, groundwork, gymkhana, harassment, hard knocks, hard life, hard lot, hard luck, hard times, hardcase, hardship, harrying, hassle, headache, hearing, heartbreak, heuristic, hit and miss, hit-or-miss, honors, hounding, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, irritant, irritation, joust, jury trial, kiteflying, lawsuit, lick, litigation, makeready, making ready, manufacture, match, matching, meet, meeting, midsemester, midterm, misery, misfortune, mistrial, mobilization, molestation, move, noble experiment, nuisance, number, offer, oral, oral examination, ordeal, persecution, pest, pilot, plague, planning, plight, plural, pragmatism, prearrangement, predicament, prelim, preliminaries, preliminary, preliminary act, preliminary step, prep, preparation, preparatory study, preparing, prepping, prerequisite, pressure, pretreatment, probation, probationary, probative, probatory, problem, processing, proof, propaedeutic, proving, provision, provisional, quiz, rally, readying, rencontre, research and development, resolute, rigor, rough draft, rough sketch, rule of thumb, sample, sea of troubles, shot, singular, sorrow, sounding out, spadework, stab, standard, step, stress, stress of life, stroke, strong bid, suffering, take-home examination, tentative, tentative method, tentativeness, test, test case, testing, three, three-in-one, tilt, touchstone, tournament, tourney, training, treatment, triadic, trial and error, trial by jury, trial run, trial-and-error, trials and tribulations, triangular, tribulation, trinal, trine, triple, triplex, tripos, triune, trouble, troubles, try, trying, tryout, undertaking, vale of tears, venture, venturesome, verification, verificatory, vexation, vexatiousness, vicissitude, visitation, viva, warm-up, whack, whirl, willing, woe, worriment, worry, written, written examination

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .