Meaning of TRIAL in English




a case comes/goes to trial

By the time her case went to trial, her story had changed.

a court adjourns a case/trial etc (= stops dealing with it for a period of time )

The court adjourned the trial until June 21st.

a criminal trial

His year-long criminal trial ended in October.

a jury trial (= a trial with a jury )

Should all accused people have a jury trial?

a libel action/case/trial (= a court case against someone for libel )

a trial period (= a time in which you try something to see if it is good )

We could introduce the system for a trial period.

clinical trials (= tests to see if it is effective in treating people )

The drug has undergone extensive clinical trials .

competent to stand trial

A psychiatrist said McKibben was competent to stand trial .

fair trial/hearing

the right to a fair trial

show trial

Stalin staged a series of show trials.

trial balloon

Senator Lott is floating trial balloons to test public opinion on the bill.

trial by jury (= a trial with a jury )

Defendants have a right to trial by jury.

trial run

This year is something of a trial run for the new service.


His trial was adjourned until May.

undergo tests/trials

He is undergoing tests for pneumonia.




The actor, director and playwright Steven Berkoff is to undergo a civil trial for rape.

The O. J. Simpson civil trial resumes Monday, and with it, the defense strategy of connect the dots.

Simpson, who did not testify in the criminal trial , spent several days on the witness stand in the civil trial.

And civil trials and criminal trials are very different in different ways.

Unlike during the criminal trial , the civil trial was based on three separate lawsuits.

Those in the courtroom said it was the first time Simpson has shown any emotion during the civil trial .

There was better lawyering in the civil trial .


It was, however, a preliminary report, made before clinical trials had taken place.

The company will fund clinical trials necessary for the compounds to be shuttled through the federal drug approval process.

This will mostly be used in clinical trials , although some is expected to go to those with official medical approval.

The surgery is part of a clinical trial for the new heart.

The high cost of clinical trials and animal tests has forced Beecham to hold back products that looked promising in research.

All three studies examined a population which was quite different from that of the randomized clinical trials or the quasi-experimental studies.

Publication bias: the case for an international registry of clinical trials .

But no large, long-range clinical trials have been completed.


We included data from all comparable randomised controlled trials , which enables smaller effects to be detected or excluded with confidence.

This was not a controlled trial but a retrospective assessment of the patients seen over the previous seven years.

Similarly, Miner, in a successful controlled biofeedback trial , encouraged patients to squeeze for at least 20 seconds.

The results of randomised controlled trials are less encouraging.

No one quite knows how it works, but controlled trials are consistently successful.

They base their recommendations on an analysis of 19 randomised controlled trials that examined the effectiveness of surgical interventions for glue ear.

It might be deemed unethical, however, to perform a controlled trial .

Results Table 1 shows the 20 controlled trials identified and gives details of the population and methods of these trials.


A second misconception is the belief that law is solely about criminal trials .

Charges against Louima were later dropped, and he testified about his ordeal in three criminal trials .

Despite these dangers, the right to silence has already been removed in all criminal trials in Northern Ireland.

As for Simpson, the audience watching the verdict in the criminal trial was said to be the largest in history.

Simpson, who did not testify in the criminal trial , spent several days on the witness stand in the civil trial.

That statement contradicts testimony at his criminal trial .

But what his involvement in a criminal trial of political and business associates says to the electorate at large is another matter.

These investigators have routinely been allowed to testify at criminal trials as expert witnesses, offering what appeared to be scientific data.


They also maintained that it would be impossible to hold fair trials so long after the alleged crimes had been committed.

What I did was win us a change of venue on grounds that a fair trial was impossible in Greene County.

Two unresolved issues fuel speculation that he might not receive a fair trial .

Tyson insists he did not receive a fair trial , but the courts say he did.

The police seem to be a law unto themselves sometimes, even if it does prejudice a fair trial .

Timothy McVeigh got a fair trial .

When the principle of free speech collides with the principle of fair trial , the former may have to give way.

Lee Thorn got what he deserved and what he was entitled to in our system -- a fair trial .


Does the quality of reports of randomised trials affect estimates of intervention efficacy reported in meta-analyses?

It should be the objective of a randomised trial to estimate the magnitude of an effect, not simply its presence.

They base their recommendations on an analysis of 19 randomised controlled trials that examined the effectiveness of surgical interventions for glue ear.

Unfortunately, none of the published randomised trials have shown that medical treatment improves fertility.

The optimal regimen is not clearly established and should be studied in a randomised trial .

A randomised controlled trial comparing prompted care with continuing hospital clinic care was undertaken.

The presumption of benefit bedevils much of the ethical thinking affecting proposed randomised trials .

Main outcome measures - Improvement in mean scores on Hamilton depression rating scale for 55 randomised controlled trials .



Government ministers rely on the conclusions from the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment prior to the field trials .

The organisation planned its first fibre field trials in 1974, and began them in 1977.

No proposed field trial has been rejected by the Committee.

Mainsborne, as the system is called, is being installed for field trials in 1000 houses in London and Milton Keynes.

The use of molecular markers will sharply reduce or even eliminate field trials .

The results of field trials with a live test are currently being evaluated and the Ministry refuses to comment on them.

Field trials to start Interruptible tariffs will soon be tested in two years of field trials costing about £1.5 million.


A federal trial judge in New York adopted that stance in this case.

The comparative weight of the evidence is, however, peculiarly the function of the trial judge who has heard the witnesses.

The trial judge instructed the jury to ignore the concept of a lien.

The doctrine of precedent requires that trial judges follow decisions of the Court of Appeal and House of Lords.

Scrutton L.J., agreeing with the trial judge , Macnaghten J., thought there was no contract.

The trial judge held that the brewery, through their employee, Taffe, were the occupiers of the staircase.

The trial judge found this amounted to negligence.


Some have already been mentioned; others relate to jury trial .

Yet our system could not work without judges to correct the miscarriages of justice that occasionally occur in a jury trial .

Most still linger in county jails, awaiting the outcome of appeals or seeking jury trials .

Her decision allows the 1991 suit to proceed to a jury trial .

Before we make any radical changes such as doing away with jury trials , should we not think very carefully indeed?

The worker has no right to a jury trial .

The Government is to reintroduce a bill curbing the right to jury trial , which has twice been thrown out by peers.

The right to a jury trial is under attack for three main reasons.


Rush to find defence team after sudden arraignment Hit-squad informer faces murder trial .

News of a double murder trial filled the papers.

Then, for light relief, this page: murder and murder trials .

Not much is like the first day of a murder trial .

I must sleep before relating what happened at the murder trial .

Even when a jury found willful conduct, that decision did not follow a murder trial .

He was forced to abandon Wells's murder trial which began on Monday.

The women testified as prosecution witnesses in the penalty phase of his murder trial .


The redundancy payments legislation allows employees a four-week trial period in which to make up their minds.

Children have been taken on by the Institute and given trial periods .

And they have warned they are only prepared to leave services as they are for a trial period .

These markets should be deregulated initially for a three-year trial period , said the review.

If you accept the offer of a new job on changed terms, a trial period comes into effect automatically.

Andrew and Wendy plan to work with drug addicts in Hong Kong and they will soon embark on a two-month trial period .

Agents are usually appointed for a trial period at first, with extensions to the contract after that.

Forty four patients with Crohn's disease were examined for eligibility during the trial period .


In 1989 he confessed at a show trial to trafficking in gold and ivory, and was shot.

The subsequent crisis in the Soviet system, compounded by the Moscow show trials , exposed the dystopic methods of utopian Communism.

Others were executed after swift show trials .

The Party, you see, wanted a show trial .

The most notorious of the show trials was that of László Rajk in 1949.

After a brief show trial they were put in solitary confinement in appalling conditions until March this year.

Rapidly shaping up as today's main event are the Madchester show trials .

Has the Boesky show trials boom overplayed itself?



The case was adjourned for trial .

They must adjourn the matter for trial by a bench of three justices.

After he had been taken to hospital by ambulance the judge, Lord Morison, adjourned the trial until Monday.

The court adjourned the trial until June 21, ordering police to find videos of the conference.

The judge then adjourned the trial until March 6, to allow police time to trace Mekgwe.

Sheriff Andrew Bell adjourned the trial , which is expected to last for two to three weeks, until tomorrow.


He was remanded to await trial at Reading Assizes.

Santacruz was awaiting trial for illicit enrichment, money laundering and drug trafficking.

He is awaiting trial in Luzira Prison, near the capital, Kampala.

Ted is incarcerated in California, awaiting trial on murder charges.

The crook was arrested recently, confessed, and awaits trial .

The judiciary is a farce: 80 % of prisoners are awaiting trial .

Its managing director, Enzo Papi, is awaiting trial on corruption charges.

Eighteen more defendants have been indicted in the conspiracy, including six who are in custody awaiting trial .


The Shenzhen exchange had begun trial operations in May 1990.

Verio will begin beta trials of the new application service with customers by the end of 1999.

Its share price has shot up since it began trials ofa vaccine that may prevent or treat Alzheimer's.

The court, so far, has indicted 21 people, has 13 in custody and has begun one trial .


Virtually none was informed of any charges against them or whether they would be brought to trial .

More than six hundred polling-place workers and precinct captains were brought to trial .

Dulé survived, however, to be brought to trial as a ringleader, to be an example to others.

An independent inquiry into the death of Ashley Kriel, and for his killers to be brought to trial .

After they trace her background in upstate New York, they bring her to trial for the deaths of her two sons.

The authorities promised early elections, and said the former president and others arrested would be brought to trial .

The question is: How much more will be discovered when Mauss is brought to trial ?


The defendants were committed for trial at Mold Crown Court.

Later, these too were taken away, and it could only commit for trial by a jury.

Read in studio A man charged with murdering his wife more than twenty years ago has been committed for trial .

Today at Cirencester magistrates court, John Gore, bearded with a long ponytail, was committed for trial at Crown court.

Read in studio A man accused of dumping poisonous waste in a brook has been committed for Crown Court trial .

Despite that conflict of evidence for the Crown, the case was committed for trial .


Informal monitoring may be conducted throughout the trial together with discrete observation of staff behaviour about which notes may be written.

Ligand is also conducting phase three trials on Targretin for a form of lymphoma and is looking at it for other cancers.

One or two successes can be coincidence: it takes a properly conducted scientific trial to prove effectiveness.

We are conducting detailed trials on those farms.

Perhaps the practitioner conducting the trial should not be the patient's own doctor.

However, valiant attempts were made to conduct massive trials in which as much information as possible could be included.


Since 1986 Gotti had faced three previous trials and had been acquitted on all charges.

He was due to face trial on federal fraud, racketeering and conspiracy counts later in 1992.

A magistrate will decide whether Pavarotti should face trial .

The former bodyguard to the Princess faces a second trial next month.

Caserta and Bohrman are among those facing a criminal trial this month on mail and wire fraud charges.


They also maintained that it would be impossible to hold fair trials so long after the alleged crimes had been committed.

Dozens of Budanov's supporters stood outside the court building, some holding posters condemning the trial .

He was held without charge or trial for six months and then released.

By holding up the Harrison trial , Bradley could buy time for Maskelyne to produce proof positive supporting the lunar distance method.

A number of prisoners detained in connection with alleged drug trafficking had been held without trial since 1991.

Prisons were only used to hold a few people until trial .


Jean, distraught with grief and remorse, was put on trial .

Conn insisted many times that Erik has tried to put his parents on trial .

In each case it is the woman and her conduct that the man's lawyers will try to put on trial .

He was put on trial with two other slaves.

A number of people had been put on trial , Mr Petkel said.

Of these, only four were actually put on trial by the army, and three were acquitted by military judges.

He had been put on trial in May 1991, in what was seen as an attempt to weaken the nationalist opposition.


He will now be required to submit to medical examinations to determine whether he is fit to stand trial .

After psychiatric evaluations found that he was competent to stand trial , Harwood pleaded guilty July 16 to second-degree murder.

Worse, from their point of view, some of the top-flight agents arc wanted - so they can stand trial .

Raul Salinas, who has denied the charge, is standing trial in the Ruiz Massieu case.

He was committed to Teesside Crown Court to stand trial .

Three thousand years and more must have passed since the morning when Perseus stood on trial in that amphitheater.

Her 80-year-old husband, Harry, had been declared mentally unfit to stand trial .

This made standing less of a trial .


Hydro has fitted the PatchSpray system to one of its Chafer sprayers, which is currently undergoing trials .

The actor, director and playwright Steven Berkoff is to undergo a civil trial for rape.

Developed by International over 18 months, Seacontrol has undergone extensive trials on ships around the world.


stand trial

An employee of the bank is due to stand trial on embezzlement charges in February.

Brady stood trial for the killings late last year.

The judge ruled that Pinochet was too ill to stand trial in Spain.

After psychiatric evaluations found that he was competent to stand trial, Harwood pleaded guilty July 16 to second-degree murder.

Baya, for his part, said he was ready to stand trial, but then he left the country.

Laurent Fabius, the former Prime Minister, and members of his Government finally stood trial this year.

Major, who had a string of previous convictions, stood trial for the bookies' robbery.

Salvi has been declared mentally competent to stand trial Feb. 5.

The remaining three are to stand trial.

Two drivers stand trial over deaths of five young people.


A man from Seattle is on trial for the murder.

A man was due to go on trial at Liverpool Crown Court later today accused of murdering his wife.

Drake is in a federal prison in Houston, awaiting trial on charges of cocaine trafficking.

On Tuesday, a judge rejected requests to televise the murder trial of Robert Caine.

People in Russia are exhausted by the daily trials of living.

Perelli faces trial later in the year on corruption and perjury charges.

Probert is overseeing the trials of the new explosives.

Results of the drug trial will be available soon.

The trial is due to take place next month at Wood Green Crown Court.

The drug is being evaluated in clinical trials.

Until now, the drug was only available to people taking part in clinical trials.


A federal trial court sided with Lockheed, and threw out the claim.

At the brothers' first trial , in 1993, Oziel testified about the confessions for the prosecution.

Bedworth's trial , expected to last three weeks, continues.

Event-related potentials require many trials for the averaging procedure to work.

He was sentenced to between five and 15 years after a trial which exposed the privileged lifestyle of rich New York youngsters.

It makes extensive use of mock trials, simulations, and role-playing to reconstruct historical events.

The organisation planned its first fibre field trials in 1974, and began them in 1977.

What if William and the Watch went down together in some nautical disaster on the next trial ?

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