Meaning of TRIAL in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈtraɪəl ]

n. 1 a judicial examination and determination of issues between parties by a judge with or without a jury (stood trial for murder). 2 a a process or mode of testing qualities. b experimental treatment. c a test (will give you a trial). 3 a trying thing or experience or person, esp. hardship or trouble (the trials of old age). 4 a sports match to test the ability of players eligible for selection to a team. 5 a test of individual ability on a motor cycle over rough ground or on a road. 6 any of various contests involving performance by horses, dogs, or other animals. øon trial 1 being tried in a court of law. 2 being tested; to be chosen or retained only if suitable. trial and error repeated (usu. varied and unsystematic) attempts or experiments continued until successful. trial balance (of a ledger in double-entry bookkeeping), a comparison of the totals on either side, the inequality of which reveals errors in posting. trial jury = petty jury. trial run a preliminary test of a vehicle, vessel, machine, etc. [AF trial, triel f. trier TRY]

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