Meaning of COUNTER in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ kaʊntə(r) ]

( counters, countering, countered)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


In a place such as a shop or café, a counter is a long narrow table or flat surface at which customers are served.

...those fellows we see working behind the counter at our local video rental store.

...the cosmetics counter...



If you do something to counter a particular action or process, you do something which has an opposite effect to it or makes it less effective.

The leadership discussed a plan of economic measures to counter the effects of such a blockade...

Sears then countered by filing an antitrust lawsuit.

VERB : V n , V by -ing


Something that is a counter to something else has an opposite effect to it or makes it less effective.

...NATO’s traditional role as a counter to the military might of the Warsaw pact.

N-SING : a N to n


If you counter something that someone has said, you say something which shows that you disagree with them or which proves that they are wrong.

Both of them had to counter fierce criticism...

The union countered with letters rebutting the company’s claims...

The Prime Minister countered by stating that he had grave misgivings about the advice he had been given...

‘But Peter, it’s not that simple,’ Goldstone countered in a firm voice.

VERB : V n , V with n , V by -ing , V with quote , also V that


A counter is a mechanical or electronic device which keeps a count of something and displays the total. answerphone with an LED display call counter.

N-COUNT : usu supp N


A counter is a small, flat, round object used in board games.



see also bargaining counter , bean counter , Geiger counter , rev counter


If a medicine can be bought over the counter , you do not need a prescription to buy it.

Are you taking any other medicines whether on prescription or bought over the counter?

...basic over-the-counter remedies.



Over-the-counter shares are bought and sold directly rather than on a stock exchange. ( BUSINESS )

PHRASE : usu PHR n


If one thing runs counter to another, or if one thing is counter to another, the first thing is the opposite of the second thing or conflicts with it. ( FORMAL )

Much of the plan runs counter to European agriculture and environmental policy...

PHRASE : V inflects , PHR to n


If someone buys or sells goods under the counter , they buy or sell them secretly and illegally.

The smugglers allegedly sold the gold under the counter, cheating the VAT man out of £5 million.

PHRASE : PHR after v

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