Meaning of COUNTER in English

v., adv., adj., & n. --v. 1 tr. a oppose, contradict (countered our proposal with their own). b meet by a countermove. 2 intr. a make a countermove. b make an opposing statement ('I shall!' he countered). 3 intr. Boxing give a return blow while parrying. --adv. 1 in the opposite direction (ran counter to the fox). 2 contrary (his action was counter to my wishes). --adj. 1 opposed; opposite. 2 duplicate; serving as a check. --n. 1 a parry; a countermove. 2 something opposite or opposed. øact (or go) counter to disobey (instructions etc.). go (or hunt or run) counter run or ride against the direction taken by a quarry. run counter to act contrary to. [ME f. OF countre f. L contra against: see COUNTER-]

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