Meaning of COUNTER in English

I. count·er ˈkau̇n-tər noun

Etymology: Middle English countour, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin computatorium computing place, from Latin computare

Date: 14th century

1. : a piece (as of metal or plastic) used in reckoning or in games

2. : something of value in bargaining : asset

3. : a level surface (as a table, shelf or display case) over which transactions are conducted or food is served or on which goods are displayed or work is conducted

jewelry counter

a lunch counter

- over the counter

- under the counter

II. count·er ˈkau̇n-tər noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French cuntur, from cunter to count

Date: 14th century

: one that counts ; especially : a device for indicating a number or amount

III. coun·ter verb

( coun·tered ; coun·ter·ing ˈkau̇n-t(ə-)riŋ)

Etymology: Middle English countren, from Anglo-French cuntre against, opposite, from Latin contra; akin to Latin com- with, together — more at co-

Date: 14th century

transitive verb


a. : to act in opposition to : oppose

b. : offset , nullify

tried to counter the trend toward depersonalization

2. : to assert in answer

we counter ed that our warnings had been ignored

intransitive verb

: to meet attacks or arguments with defensive or retaliatory steps

IV. coun·ter adverb

Etymology: Middle English contre, from Anglo-French cuntre

Date: 15th century

1. : in an opposite or wrong direction

2. : to or toward a different or opposite direction, result, or effect

values that run counter to those of society

V. coun·ter noun

Date: 15th century

1. : contrary , opposite

2. : the after portion of a boat from the waterline to the extreme outward swell or stern overhang


a. : the act of making an attack while parrying one (as in boxing or fencing) ; also : a blow thus given in boxing

b. : an agency or force that offsets : check

4. : a stiffener to give permanent form to a boot or shoe upper around the heel

5. : an area within the face of a letter wholly or partly enclosed by strokes

6. : a football play in which the ballcarrier goes in a direction opposite to the movement of the play

VI. coun·ter adjective

Date: 1582

1. : marked by or tending toward or in an opposite direction or effect

2. : given to or marked by opposition, hostility, or antipathy

3. : situated or lying opposite

the counter side

4. : recalling or ordering back by a superseding contrary order : countermanding

counter orders from the colonel

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.